Over the years, one of the questions as regards filmmaking that has bothered  movie lovers across the world is ” Are Sex Scenes Real ? Watching movies like Fifty Shades of Grey, Spartacus, Shameless, or even Game of Thrones,  the viewer sees the portrayal of raw and hyper realistic sex. Coupled with actual nudity of actors and close body contact, one is forced to believe most of these scenes involves real sex.

However, the reality remains that the sex scenes in majority of Hollywood films are not real and are simulated sex ( sex with no penetration)  with the exception of a few.

How then do film makers achieve the trick of making the sex scenes look so real ? 

1) Body Doubles – This is one of the most popular tricks for sex scenes in Movies. Most sex scenes involving Cersei Lanister in Game of Thrones were filmed by body doubles who are actual porn actors.

2) Flesh coloured wears – Provisions are also made  for flesh colored wears that look exactly like the human skin …With the use of Vfx , the flesh colored wears can further be toned to match the actors initial skin tone to prevent the audience from suspecting any foul play..

3) Modesty Wears – Modesty wears are usually worn by actors during nude takes to prevent penetration of any sort. These wears include ‘ the make organ socks “, small skin coloured and strong patch called Merkin’s for the females among others.

4) Fake Genitals – Fake Genitals are also provided for sex scenes in movies. This can be used while the actors are fully clothed or fully naked as seen in the British movie, “Nymphomaniac “.

5) CGI and Camera angles –  Computer Generated Image is used to enhance body contacts, make actors appear nude when they are fully clothed, depict penetration among other things. With the use of CGI , the face of the actors can also be embedded on  body doubles. Camera angles are also used to merge different positions of the body into one to seemingly make the actions correlate…

Nudity, groping and permissible body contacts as may be allowed by the director, kisses , moans and boners are some of the seemingly real things in these scenes. Most actors and actresses describe sex scenes as really awkward and  the most difficult scenes to shoot. Most actors also claim that they never get aroused due to the amount of people on set, the directors constantly telling them what to say, where to grab, how to moan \, which all makes the whole process a ” necessary horror “.

In conclusion, movies are made in order for the audience and viewers  to really interact and grasp the concept behind the storyline and as such , in the make believe world of film makers, everything is done with conscious efforts to make viewers believe it is real and sex scenes are not excluded.

This article was written by Olaoluwa Idowu; connect with him on Instagram via here  

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