It’s not the first time you have heard of Web3, and I can promise that it won’t be the last time either. Aside from NFTs, Web3 is another buzzword that has everyone curious. Web3 is the hour’s topic, and that’s one of its magic. 

In this short article, you’ll learn about the possibilities (magic) of Web3. 

What is Web 3.0?

I’m glad to burst your bubble that Web3 is more straightforward than you think. It’s the internet powered by the blockchain and with no central authority like Meta and Google. 

The current internet era is called Web 2.0, which introduced us to social media; you may wonder why there’s a need for Web3. Before Web2 came along, there was Web1 with limited characteristics. So you can predict that Web3 is an improvement to some Web2 features, like how Instagram makes money when users share their content but don’t pay the content creators.

Web3 pays creators, and it’s already happening. An app like Steemit pays you for sharing your content. Up next, let’s discuss the magic of Web3.

The 5 magic of Web 3.0

There is a lot you should know about Web 3.0, but I have limited it to these:

1. Trustless 

Some Web3 apps now allow you to post without censoring your content, and you don’t need to input your actual details to share content. Also, when you sign up for some Web3 apps, you don’t need to confirm your email. How cool is that?

2. Permissionless 

You can access the internet and perform activities without permission from an authority. For example, in Web2, if you want to send money to your family abroad, you have to pass through some processes, but in Web3, a transaction like that is swift and easy. No permission needed

3. Personalise your search ( Semantic Web)

Yes, you have been doing this already in Web2. For example, you may find an answer to ‘how to prepare eba’ online. But can you find the answer to ‘what can I eat for lunch? I already ate rice for breakfast’. In Web3, you may be able to find answers personalised just for you.

4. Identity 

As I said before, you don’t have to input your real word details on many decentralised apps. You can perform actions on the web, and nobody will know it is you. Scary right?

5. No control over hate content 

Ever seen those movies where a witch placed a curse? Magic may not always be in your favour, and so is Web3. It also has its downsides. Wait, you didn’t think I was only going to give you the benefits all through, did you? 


There you’ve it, five magic out of many of Web3. There’s still a lot more you don’t know, but I’ve kept it short and sweet, so you get more curious and do your research. Till when next we meet, adios!

This article was written bZainab Owolabi; connect with her on Instagram via here 

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