A quick flashback on the events of this year: A global pandemic; The sudden deaths of beloved celebrities; Tragic incidents of rape and molestation; Protests against racism and police brutality; And the fight against bad governance, amongst others. Notwithstanding the drama in today’s society, what steps have you personally taken to secure your sanity and maintain mental and emotional balance?

Certainly, one would become overwhelmed by the updates of the mass media and trends of the social media, and as a result, will need a break from all the insanity. Our Mental Health shouldn’t be overlooked in critical times like this, but rather prioritized as it warrants our well-being.

In case you’ve lost yourself to the world’s happenings, below are tips on how to checkmate your emotions on a regular basis and fully regain mental stability just before the year runs out:


Give yourself a break from the physical and media world. Close your eyes, take deep breaths. Count to five, or ten, whenever you feel overwhelmed. Generate only good feelings and positive thoughts regularly and you’ll experience your mind transforming like never before.


Delete pictures; Uninstall apps you no longer make use of; Rearrange your space and give out items you don’t need. Know that external clutter is internal clutter on display and a serene environment will create a sense of self-efficacy and self-confidence. 


Do it the old fashion way by keeping a journal. Write your plans for the day to serve as a guide and to eliminate disorganization. Also, don’t hesitate to unleash burdensome feelings through written words. Your pen and paper won’t ever judge you. 


Family and friends help create some of the best moments and memories of our lives. Spend time with the people you cherish. Laugh, have fun, and share things with them. It’ll definitely help relax and get stuff off your mind. 

Embrace Nature

Being surrounded by nature has been proven, scientifically, to reduce anxiety and create serenity. So why not step out of the four walls of your house to an open space and receive some fresh air for yourself?

Exercise Regularly

The transcendent mind and the physical body are connected, therefore, a healthy body is equivalent to a healthy mind. Burn fat, build muscle, drink enough water, and eat healthy meals. Last but not least, do not deprive yourself of good sleep! 

Do You

In a world filled with people who would rather imitate the lifestyle of others than discover who they are, dare to stand out and do the things that give you true happiness. Discover your purpose and live your passion. Never be afraid to do what you love. Never be afraid to do you.

Unfortunately, we cannot predict what more 2020 has in store for us. Perhaps, the year will birth more positivity just before it fades out but until then, stay safe and stay sane!

This article was written bJudith Samuel; connect with her on Instagram via here  

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