Familiar with football stories?? Then the name Jorge Mendes certainly must ring a bell, not often the year round because he is neither a footballer nor a coach. His name is always associated with transfer deals, a period where he is most active. His record of brokering deals in unprecedented manners makes him the real deal. From Cristiano Ronaldo to Jose Mourinho to James Rodriquez and many other fantastic players, his client list is one to be envied by other agents. Not just having a good client list, Jorge Mendes takes full advantage of his valuables and that has seen him broker the best of best deals in European football history.

Jorge Paulo Agostinho Mendes born 7th of January, 1966 in Lisbon, Portugal became a super-agent by chance. Hoping to become a footballer, Jorge Mendes displayed for a couple of Portuguese clubs but he got rejected and instead he chose to work as a DJ and later went on to opening a bar and a night club in Portugal.

As fate would have it; Jorge met Nuno, a goalkeeper and started a conversation with him; a conversation that began his career as a football agent. He brokered his move successfully from Vitoria to Deportivo La’ Coruna and from then onward he got attracted to more Portuguese players seeking move to a better club.

Jorge Mendes’ mean attitude reflects in his method of striking deals. It’s on report he physically fought Luis Figo’s agent publicly at an airport in Lisbon. His reason for the attack being that the agent’s influence on Luis Figo against his own interest. He has been on the bad books of numerous associations whom alleges of his bad practices which involves third party ownership; one of his many methods in which he use to his advantage.

His super-agent abilities made him in 2009 seal a Euro record deal purchase of Ronaldo from Manchester United to Real Madrid for 80 million pounds which only has been beaten by Gareth Bale’s 85 million pounds.

In 2014, he brokered four out of the seven highest transfers in the world, a feat that made him earn 30 million pounds as reported. Wanting to expand his operation, in 2008 his company – Gestifute announced a partnership with Creative Artiste Agency in US to create global opportunities for current and future clients.

Like him or hate him for his guts, Jorge Mendes is amongst the best placed and most influential football agent in the world.

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