It’s no surprise that yet another online challenge has captured the digital space in a series of hilarious, social-based frenzy.

Try as we may, we won’t be seeing the end of online challenges anytime soon.

This one, like any good social viral challenge, is steeped in simplicity and wraps up in about a minute. The best part is that it’s not clouded in some kind of global agenda. It simply ticks the box for ‘fun-to-do.’

The Influencer Challenge, as it is named, targets unsuspecting loved ones in a shocking display of hilarious ‘disloyalty.’ The challenge, which started on TikTok has found its way to the streets of Instagram and Twitter, cementing its viral nature.

You know the saying that if you want to find out who someone truly is; you need to ask a member of their family?

Let’s just say that premise is actually true, because the current Influencer Challenge totally proves it. The idea is to make your family or friends believe you are a real social influencer (this can only work if you are not) and record their reactions, and from the reactions we have seen posted online so far, this challenge is comedy gold.

Like a lot of online challenges the world over, it’s free to be a part of the influencer challenge, but unlike many challenges that give popular people an edge because of their number of following, this one actually favours the underdogs.

You can only get the authentic, hilarious reactions required for this challenge to be a hit, if in fact you are not an influencer and have no large following. This will amplify the reactions from your kin, because they will most likely be shocked as they hear you say, “ Hi guys, welcome to my Youtube page tutorial…,” when they know for a fact that you don’t even have enough followers to get a total of five organic likes.

Get the point?

So, if you are getting excited and need to know more or maybe give the challenge a shot, here’s a list of what you will need to prepare you for your  very own influencer challenge.

  1. A PLAYER: An unsuspecting loved one will do; a Mother, Sister, Husband, close friend, relative or anyone else who knows you well and can pass for ‘very close.’
  2. A RUSE: Something totally untrue. The more outlandish the ruse is, the more authentic the reaction is bound to be. Make sure the ‘player’ is someone who knows you well and knows that you are pulling a fast one on your ‘online fans.’
  3. A RECORDING: Time your clever ruse to coincide with the presence of the ‘player’ and make sure the recording focuses on them and their reactions, while pretending to be engrossed in recording yourself.

That’s it. Go ahead and give it a try and if you don’t get it right the first time, look for another unsuspecting player and try again.

Good luck, ‘Influencer.’

This article was written by Henri ‘Yireconnect on Instagram with him here

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