The unique construct of the name, April Maey probably draws more than a few queries, so we gave in to our curiosity and asked too. 

“Honestly people just made month jokes about my first name when I was in school. I was sad about it for years, but I decided to own it and give them more months to make jokes about, haha,” she clarified.

A graphic designer turned music artist, April Maey’s music industry experience began as a social media manager and content creator working for renowned music brand, Chocolate City in 2016. She later ventured into writing music in 2017, assisting several music artists in developing their demos. This move most likely sparked a hidden musical ambition, because in 2019, she threw caution to the wind and released her first-ever soul track titled, “Whispers”. 

The attention from her debut foray into music, subsequently inspired work on her first E.P, “Ticket To Anywhere” which has since been released on multiple music platforms, provoking an article feature on NPR’s “Heat Check.”

April Maey’s ‘Ticket To Anywhere’ E.P is her official introduction into mainstream alternative music and although it’s a fresh attempt, she scores. The body of work evokes a myriad of expressions and compels you to listen carefully.  It’s a vibe that tells a story of young love and practical real life lessons, accompanied by a contrived sequence of jazzed-up, mellow instrumentation.

April Maey sums up the E.P’s diverse messaging succinctly. 

“The message is, there’s no limit to what you can do or achieve. You’ve got the ultimate ticket to dive into whatever you want. So if you ever find the opportunity, take a leap!” 

Passion and ambition has been the core of April Maey’s journey as an artist, from working around music to making her own.

“I’ve always loved music and remained open to the idea of diving into it one day. I love creating and exploring, I want to stretch and test my creativity in every way I possibly can, whether it’s by making music or making videos, or even featuring in a movie!”

When it comes to musical influences, April Maey is in safe hands. Brands like Asa, Beyoncé, Drake, Frank Ocean, Lauryn hill, Noname, and many more have provided illumination to guide her musical voyage.

The title of her EP, “Ticket To Anywhere” is even inspired by Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car” while The E.P itself draws inspiration from musicians like Asa, Frank Ocean, Sade, Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill, Brandy, Khalid, and many more.

Niche music, more often than not, always attracts a niche audience and so April Maey’s sound should have an ideal listenership but the Belgium-based alternative artist seems to think otherwise.

“Mannn April Maey loves everybody! I don’t care who you are or where you’re from! If you’re a complete metal head and find meaning through my music, then you’re welcome! April Maey’s audience is made of beautiful people who dare to dream…” she responds.

Like every alternative artist within a mile radius, April Maey seems to think that mainstream Nigerian music hasn’t explored the alternative genre quite enough and it reflects in how we construct music awards.

“I think there can be many more genres in Nigerian award shows, just because there’s so much depth to “Nigerian Music” that mainstream music listeners never get to experience! It’s already changing but I’d like to contribute to that change! I also think no artist is defined by the amount of awards they have or what they win or don’t win! Sure, winning stuff is great, but focus on becoming the best artist you can be, and anything that happens after that is a positive,” She passionately explains. 

One of the challenges of being multi-talented is learning to balance both art forms without letting anything fall through the cracks. April Maey opens up about the burden of this creative dilemma.

“It’s difficult to do both at the same time. But these days, I do art to support my music, so it works! But I haven’t taken too many art jobs recently,” she explains 

April Maey lists her dream collaboration excitedly, a sign that she doesn’t regard a feature with soul singer, Asa and the undisputed queen of pop, Beyonce as something out of reach; nothing a stretch of the imagination and good old hard work can’t bring to her.

She opens up about what’s next on her bucket list post-covid and her signature excitement comes through.

“I’m definitely planning a European tour soon. Unfortunately, it depends on the Corona situation towards the end of the year. I’m definitely putting out music videos this year! I can’t wait!”

The clan of alternative music crooners in the Nigerian music scene are feverishly optimistic about the imminent takeover of the genre and April Maey, far away in Belgium shares that same infectious point of view.

“I think people haven’t been exposed to the genre, and there are already assumptions and stereotypes around it. But it’ll grow on people with time. The industry has to first accept it and play its part in promoting this genre of music alongside many others that are underground and underrated.  We need to learn to promote some sort of diversity in the music industry!”

This article was written by Henri ‘Yireconnect on Instagram with him here

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