We all love Beyonce’s work ethic. And every fan and non-fan appreciates how she entertains viewers. I will reiterate, that she is the greatest performer, dead or alive, and if you are going to give me that eye, it’s your own business. Forget about the older days when stan culture was crazy and people were fainting during live performances. In this age, Queen Bey has been able to stand her ground through it and proved her mettle. She intersects through various generations in the music industry.

The whole energy she puts into her stage performance, dancing, the entire team, and how she generally performs. When she headlined the 2018 Coachella, it was nicknamed Beychella because it brought an entirely different perspective to the concert. Something that was new. A lot of energy. She changed stage performance and many critics tagged her the best to ever happen.

Watching Beyonce’s performance, digitally, always seem like one is watching her live, as she embodies the video into reality. Whenever she arrives on stage, everywhere calms and the crowd cheers. Then, the energy begins, slow, succinct, before the real execution. Beyoncé never falls short of expectations with her stage performance. Everyone of them, they keep getting better. 

On the internet, gay men; white, black, and people of colour men are always mimicking her performance. Her art, her energy. They are powerful yet resonating to an average queer man, navigating through the world of their self identity. Her art has been inclusive. And in the Nigerian scene, Beyoncé has quite an array of fans, majorly gay men. 

Why does her music resonate with gay men? Beyoncé songs exude hyper-femininity, which might not resonate much with an average woman, except a selected few that understands her energy. A selected few, likely to identify as feminists. Her voice is powerful, same as her dance moves, and then, her every other thing that represents her art. She sings perfectly. Her alluring vocal and dancing all around the stage.

Whenever you see a queer man, the effeminate one, you wonder, why is he gesticulating with much energy? Why is he catwalking? Because these characteristics are barely elements of femininity. This mannerism can be likened to Beyonce’s music. Where she does all kinds of energy dance steps. In many cases, representation is achieved when we do things that resonate with people we are trying to portray. Especially her stage performance. She makes hard work appear effortlessly. Her music and performance are revolutionary, devoid of toxic masculinity, and keen on promoting women, hence heterosexual men are less likely to love her music.

This article was written bObinna Tony-Francis Ochem; connect with him on Instagram via here  

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