The 2022 Met Gala has, as usual, generated a lot of buzz in the fashion world. There has been a lot of discussion about the theme and how the guests in attendance have interpreted it. There have been disagreements about certain looks, but everyone agrees on who was the best dressed of the night. So, what was the overall theme? What does it necessarily mean? What did people expect, who got it right and who strayed from the script? Let’s get this party started.

This year’s theme is “Gilded Glamour,” which refers to America’s gilded age. It’s essentially an ode to the 1870–1900 glamour fashion era, and attendees were expected to dress in full-on period drama attire. Consider opera gloves, frilled hems, and bosom-boasting bodices reminiscent of the romantic aesthetics of the era. Your mind may immediately go to Bridgeton as an interpretation of this era, but not exactly. The United States’ Gilded Age refers to 30 years of innovation and cultural revolution from 1870 to 1900. While you may get major Bridgeton vibes from it, the show’s costumes are inspired by similar pieces made in the Regency era, which ended in 1820. A more historically accurate representation of this theme is found in the show that is quite literally about the period, “The Gilded Age” on HBO.

We have gotten the theme, its meaning, and expectations out of the way, and now it’s time to get into the nitty-gritty of this piece, which is who hit the mark and who missed. When it comes to our very own Nigerian fashion police, you can count on Charles Born and Ifeanyi Chuks to do Joan Rivers proud. As expected, our team of fashion police took to social media to give their takes on this year’s Met Gala interpretation, which I agree with for the most part. So, in the words of Charles and Ifeanyi, to which I have given poetic license, these are our takes on some of the looks from the Met Gala night.

Bella Hadid

I can see how this piece was meant to be a fusion between new fashion and the gilded era. However, it got lost in translation. Ifeanyi says, “even the pearls on the sun devils can’t rescue this Bella.” I wish I could reach out to her though because this outfit will be perfect for an event I have this evening. lol.

Phoebe Dynevor

I can see the glamour and class in this outfit. However, for Lady Bridgeton herself, this just won’t do. One of her dresses from the show would have been better suited.

Chloe Bailey 

She looks like a walking golden globe in this dress and although that’s not a bad thing for an actress such as herself to manifest, it is not theme-appropriate. Ifeanyi says “Save this for a Thierry Mugler remembrance sis.”

Lala Anthony

I don’t know where the stylist was coming from with this piece, but it is certainly not from the gilded era. 

Vanessa Hudgens

The fashion police and I agree that the structure of the dress is gilded. However, as Charles said, “There’s a thin line between glamorous and raunchy, and this screams stripper.” Overexposure may be a thing now, but it is absolutely not gilded era approved.

Katy Perry

I agree with Ifeanyi when he says this piece is art! But the theme isn’t art, so love, try again next time.


We can all agree that Ciara needs a better stylist, for the Met at least. This mono-strap, zebra-sequin dress is very basic and not theme-appropriate.

Cardi B

This Versace chain dress was made to draw attention, and that’s exactly what it did on the red carpet. But it’s not exactly theme-friendly.

Megan Thee Stallion

Immediately, no. This appears to be a cross between ancient Greece and the Roman Empire and certainly not on theme.

Nicki Minaj

This look is very millennial. Throwing a dress on it does not make it any more gilded. It just gives off a gothic vibe.

Alicia Keys

This outfit is a masterpiece, and the detailing is amazing. It is, however, not related to the theme.

Gwen Stefani

This colour is certainly a reference to new fashion. Charles says, “Notice how the skirt is channelling the theme in all its glory with the full ball gown effect, and peep the gloves too, and how they go all the way above the elbow.” The intentionality in this piece is remarkable.

The Kardashians


Kourtney and Travis’s take on gilded is very cushion meets rag doll “Seamstress era” fashion. Very Scottish. Although the look is theme-appropriate, there’s something about it that has me unsettled.


For Khloe’s first Met Gala appearance, I think she looked amazing. The outfit is reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe, and the gloves are a mash-up of the exaggerated sleeve trend and opera-style gloves. She gets a pass from me on her interpretation of the theme.


Kylie has one of my favourite Met Gala looks, but her fashion risk this time didn’t pay off. The “high fashion bride” look she pulled off on the red carpet is so not on theme. The outfit is a winner, but not for this year’s theme.


In this piece, Kim channelled her inner Marilyn. She looked sophisticated and like the diva she is. However, given her fashion history, we believe she played it safe. Many expected more.


This outfit has me conflicted. On one hand, I love the skirt and the detailing, and like Charles said, adding elbow-length gloves would have elevated the whole look. On the other hand, her top is quite revealing and not gilded-era appropriate.

We saved the ones we absolutely loved for last. Here goes.

Janelle Monae

This look evokes thoughts of the supremes, the dream girls, Diana Ross, Dena Jones, and the likes. Janelle understood the gilded glamour showgirl era and brought it to life. Ifeanyi especially loves the Chloe Patra “queen of the night” headpiece; it shows she did her homework.

Madelaine Petsch

In the words of Ifeanyi, “You had me at Yello!” This look gets an A1 for everything from the fabric to the patterns, the hairdo, and the sleeves. It’s 100% theme compliant and we love it.

Laura Harrier

Ifeanyi says, “Laura didn’t fail the Bridgeton family.” She certainly understood the assignment!


This is how you modernize a gilded look and stick to the theme. Normani did that!


Sza’s look is very theme-appropriate. We adore seeing Fuschia on the red carpet, as well as the larger-than-life hat and the idea of infusing leather into an English gown. Ifeanyi says, “It’s a fashion risk that looks appealing.”

Cynthia Erivo

Ifeanyi’s take: Cynthia brought the gilded Black Country girl look. Think “storytelling”. In the gilded era, black girls were considered “only good for housekeepers.” She understood the assignment. The lace is gorgeous, and the headpiece is appropriate.

Gigi Hadid

Charles’s take: this is the definition of a fusion between new fashion and theme. Notice the layering style of the fabric on the coat and the ball gown type effect the lower half of the jacket has. Not forgetting the sleeves too, all of these scream gilded glamour. Notice the corset too. All these, plus the leather fit, hair, and makeup from this time in fashion. The interpretation is flawless!

Blake Lively

Finally, ours and, dare I say, everyone else’s, best-dressed look of the night. If there was an award, it would definitely go to Blake Lively. She looked regal in this transformer gown that paid homage to the Statue of Liberty. Everything about this look worked: the jewellery, the hair makeup, the colour, the fit, everything!

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