Nigerians have a fiercely religious outlook on most things and that’s why Halloween is not a big sell in these parts.

In spite of our penchant for acquiring western mannerisms and virtually doing away with our culture and traditions when the need arises, Nigerians have not been able to totally embrace the weird tradition called Halloween.

Halloween is a western tradition that is steeped in paganism and basically involves lots of dark art costuming and evil-themed parties.

While people abroad can’t do without the Halloween holidays, the small contingent of Nigerians who brave the unknown and embrace the dark concept of Halloween by throwing scantily attended parties are not that much.

The truth is that our interpretation of witches and satanic expressions in Africans is a little different from how westerners view these occurrences.

The average African parent will be more than a little concerned about the Harry Potter movie, because of all the unhurried references to witches and the dark arts. So, imagine how much a fully fledged holiday dedicated to an array of witchcraft and monster paraphernalia will shake up the religiosity of the average parent.

But that doesn’t mean that Nigerians are not taking advantage of the season in their own way. A close look at the attempt to capture the season in Nigeria, and you will notice that they are all geared towards peddling some kind of sales or discount initiative.

As the search for witchcraft related souvenirs go up during the Halloweens in the west, Nigerians are content to simply dish out amazing discounts on sales and cleverly connect it to the Halloween season.

Smart, right?

The alternative would be to hit the streets in evil-based costumes and actively solicit for candy, something every African parent would rather die than allow their wards to do.

The Halloween holidays are in no way or fashion African, and for many people that divide regardless of the excitement it promises, should never be crossed.

This article was written by Henri ‘Yireconnect on Instagram with him here

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