With several weeks gone already in the viral BBNaija Season 5 TV reality show, the stakes have gone from high to unrealistically colossal, with unexpected pit stops like shocking gossips, bitter betrayals, complex conspiracies (real and imagined) and an infectious breakout of love interests. 

A few surprising friendships have sprouted that we are not sure will stand the test of the weekly ‘housemate nominations,’ where all housemates are required to vote two of their other counterparts out.

Not surprisingly, the housemates from day one immediately took to finding suitable pairs, a strategy they most likely picked up from watching the past BBNaija season housemates, who having been burdened with suitable mates, somehow managed to stay longer in the house. The general mindset is that Nigerians love love too much to break it up, so they will be compelled to vote to keep love interests in the house longer.

At the end of the first two weeks that featured an impressive ‘race-to-pair,’ BBNaija viewers had a series of love choices to come to terms with. The love combo included Eric and Lilo, Praise and Kaisha, Prince and Tolanibaj, Neo and Vee, Kidwaya and Erica and most recently, the freshly-pressed, budding love of Bright O and Wathoni.

A few of the ‘single’ housemates have been a little restless, seeing the eviction of their ‘unpaired’ colleagues and some of the undecided pairings, take place week after week. This has sparked up a new desire to find mates even in the midst of the breakdown of some of the more sure-footed love interests like Tolanibaj and Prince and the continuously unstable connection of Erica and Kidwaya.

Dorothy made a play for Bright O who she claims to be attracted to all this time but had to acquire permission from Wathoni who gave her permission to shoot her shot. The conspiracy involved a ploy to make an unannounced appearance on the unsuspecting Bright O and demand to spend the night with him and maybe compel him to initiate a cuddling session.

Bright O saw through the romantic ploy, sleeping soundly on one corner of his bed without as much as a glance at Dorothy’s form and sheer lingerie.

As another eviction week draws near, romantic connections are quickly being reinforced because as untested as the love theory seems, no one wants to be the one to test it against a teeming number of BB Naija fans who would rather see a single housemate go home than risk breaking up a thriving love connection.

This article was written by Henri ‘Yireconnect on Instagram with him here

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