If there’s one thing being locked up at home has taught any of us, it is that, bonding is quintessential to mankind and finding every bit of joy in the midst of all the chaos, is essential to our souls and our very survival.

Ask a random millennial on the streets of any digital platform and they would give you an entire handbook on how they survived being locked down at home with most of their dreams on hold and their anxiety on a highway to hell. The slow death strikes of the pandemic wasn’t the only thing people had to survive ; keeping our minds at ease while keenly avoiding death was another. 

We were hit with lists on how to stay safe; wash your hands with soap and water, stay safe. But the list on how to keep your mental health in check was lost in the mail. Luckily for us, the trendsetters were there to save the day with their handbook of absolute fun, otherwise known as the fundamentals of staying alive while staying safe.


Time doesn’t stand still for anyone, but it moves a lot faster when you’re having fun. Every social media post had one TikTok video followed by the next. Celebrities were on a bandwagon to make TikTok videos and everyone had joined the loop. The one thing the lockdown couldn’t take away from us was the silent war to make a better TikTok video than the next girl or guy.


Virtual reality was the only option we could afford. Everyone with a media presence took a chance on free will and entertained the rest of us with live shows, live concerts, and even live matchmaking! Who said you couldn’t watch your favorite bands sing because you were stuck at home? well they were wrong, instagram live proved to us that you could have a specter of reality in your own home and even find love in a world where going outside could lead to your inevitable death.


Guess what? You can’t go out to see your friends, but what you can absolutely do is make videos with them virtually. The ‘don’t rush’ challenge came in like a whirlwind , let’s not forget our very own ‘Bop daddy’ challenge ,and then came the ‘know you’ challenge for our lovers ,or at least wannabe lovers. Artists came through with their music and people had a vibe to show; with their fashion and absolutely fabulous version of music videos. Don’t rush; stay at home if you can.


This is more than a trend; it’s a steady lifetime choice for survival. But by all means, let’s make a trend out of it, as long as you follow the lead. Face masks are an essential, and it gets even better as it’s slowly finding its home in fashion. What’s better than staying safe and slaying all at once?

This article was written by Mariah Onu; connect with her on Instagram via here  


  • Smart says:

    Ugly boys don’t tik tok,ugly boys don’t go live on Instagram and ugly boys don’t even try to rush to anywhere 😑😑
    This trends are for fine people!
    Stop stereotyping 😶😶😶

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