Valentine’s Day is for love. But is love really in the air on Valentine’s Day? Is the effort for Valentine’s Day worth it? A day in Nigeria when people will be out to pepper their haters flaunting all they’ll get, or when some ladies will find out they’re not the only chick and there comes fire and brimstone, or the guys will go all out for their babes who may not return the energy in the end. And what about the singles who will go out chilling in the name of #self love, the ones who’ll remain indoors shouting “awwwn” as packages pass by their door to their neighbor’s after which they’ll start prophesying into the next valentine, that it would be their portion.

The good of valentine, after all, I think can be summarized to mean love. Also as the Catholic Church celebrates the memorial of Saint Valentine, whose action prompted the good, in the western world there’s the expression of love in the form of gifts and more. However, love in Nigeria is not cheap, vendors got us on a chokehold as January rounds up for the highest bidder to burst our heads on the D-day prompting the bad.

The bad of valentine can be seen as the day when most men finish spending their January salaries trying to impress their side chicks, wives or girlfriends and thereafter, they start praying for miracle funds to survive the remaining two weeks of February. More so, many ladies expect to get expensive gifts from the guys they actually love on Valentine’s Day but it’s not really about what she wants, it’s more of what she wants to show off to her other friends. Then you’ll see a situation where three ladies are boasting that their guys got them cars and the last girl comes to boast that her guy got her a shirt. Now there’s a disparity after which she starts being cold and the guy wouldn’t want the next valentine to be a repetition. Don’t forget the guys who don’t get gifts from their babe cause she believes it’s her right to receive gifts but not to give, like Valentine’s wahala is plenty.

Due to the misinterpreted good of valentine, the bad has driven us to now the ugly things such as people doing the unthinkable to raise money to survive Val, two ladies fighting because the main chick has smashed the iphone her guy bought for his side chick and so on hence, the wicked tale of valentine in Nigeria. 

 Moving forward, I feel that in this Nigeria oppression doesn’t end so why sit down feeling sad and expecting love from someone else when you’ve not really shown yourself love. You  need to ask yourself “when did I last love myself?”, then make a date, take yourself out, spoil yourself rotten (responsibly please!) and rewrite your own tale of valentine.

This article was written bItodo Faith Omega; connect with her on Instagram via here 

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