Recently at Muri Okunola Park, Victoria Island, the Chocolate City/100 Crowns signee and Nigeria’s rap rave of the moment, Emeka Akumefule, popularly known as Blaqbonez headlined the BBQ In The Park tagged “The Blaqbonez Rave”. It was a fulfilling moment for the self acclaimed ‘Best Rapper in Africa’ whose controversial rise to stardom shouldn’t really surprise anyone who has had his or her eyes on the evolution of the young rapper. Alongside Holyfield, Paypac, Vader, Tentik and a host of other underground rappers, Blaqbonez have been holding it down since a long time coming, especially with cyphers and rap battles. 

The Mr. Bombastic crooner shot into the limelight when, in 2018, he took a shot at M.I in his reply to the rap icon’s table shaking single “You Rappers Should Fix Up Your Lives”. His reply impressed M.I whose Chocolate City co-signed him in partnership with AQ’s 100 Crowns. Little wonder why he (Blaqbonez) justified his approach in the L.A.M.B/Martel Cypher saying “the bigger the nigga the more attention you get when you diss him.” Well, he did get M.I’s attention, an attention he is living up to.

He was available to take some questions from our correspondent who was live at the BBQ In The Park show. Quite a radical personality, Blaq provided blunt answers to some of the questions asked him. 

When asked how he feels about finally becoming main stream from the underground, Blaqbonez says: “I feel good. This is a defining moment for me, I looked forward to moments like these, I worked hard, I’m working hard and I’ll always work hard to justify my stay here. I’m enjoying every bit of the groove that comes with the moment,” he said.  

On his self acclaimed title (Best Rapper in Africa) which has brought him attacks from every corner, Blaq infers that he is not perturbed by the shades he’s getting from “these guys.” According to him, “these guys aren’t beefing because they think I lied, they’re beefing me because they know doing so would get them recognition, it’d give them clouts. As you can see, almost every A-List rapper in the game has endorsed my E.P and has shown me much love and support. This is because they understand, they know and love what I’m doing; the new energy and fresh breathe I’m bringing to the culture. I don’t really care about the guys beefing me. I have said it before and I repeat it again, if they feel they can dare me, let them come for a face to face battle, it is easy to hide in the studio and throw beefs around, make dem come out make we chop mic.”

Asked what he thinks about the M.I and Vector face-off, he quips that “it is good for the culture.” He departs the interview by quickly stating that he hopes to do more songs, win more awards, make more money and even marry and have children in the nearest future.

Blaqbonez is undoubtedly doing the Nigerian rap culture proud. He is energetic, has good command of catchy lyrics and has a trailer load of controversy to share around, something the industry truly need to sit a lot of asses up. Indeed, the future is Blaq!

This article was written by Ifesinachi Nwadike

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