Some of Nollywood’s top films are accredited to the faces of the film; the cast, the directors, sometimes the writers; but some of the other heroes of the film remain unsung. I believe every crew member is critical in the success of any film. Editors refine the raw gold into the box office hit we laugh and cry to in the theaters. Here are the editors behind 4 of Nollywood’s biggest films. 

Daniel Ademinokan – King Of Boys

The 2018 blockbuster, King of Boys, was edited by no other than Daniel Ademinokan. The film’s success has been accredited to Kemi Adetiba, Sola Sobowale and the other poster faces of the film but let’s the honest KOB probably won’t be the KOB we know and love if it was cut by anyone else.

Victoria Akujobi – Who’s the Boss

Popularly referred to as the Queen of Anthill Productions (iykyk), Victoria is responsible for editing a number of films from the production company. The AMVCA winning editor has flexed her skills in numerous films including Chief Daddy, The Set Up, Elevator Baby, Who’s the Boss and a few others.

Shirley Frimpong Manso – 2 Weeks in Lagos

Incase you haven’t noticed, there are a number of women in the film editing business who are doing really well for themselves. Shirley Frimpong Manso is not just a Ghanaian editor but she’s also a writer and producer, she’s the all encompassing filmmaker. As the editor in 2 Weeks in Lagos, she’s the reason you were at the edge of your seats during the tense moments and on an emotional rollercoaster in the film.

Martini Olakunle Akande & Alfred Odiba -Nneka The Pretty Serpent

Most of us watched Nneka The Pretty Serpent and were so wowed by how amazing Idia’s performance was. The nostalgia and the special effects all mixed together made many feel like their childhood was brought back to them. the hands behind the coherence of the film is largely accredited to these two men, Martini and Alfred.

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