Everyday new slangs and code words are coined by teenagers, some of them including FOMO, known as the fear of missing out but perhaps the most alarming of them is ‘FOBI’, known in full as the fear of being Irrelevant. This term is used to describe the fear of not fitting in among peers or getting lost and unheard among the millions of opinions on social media and life in general. In the era of social media and global changes in technology, teens have fought to fit in or to be considered cool among peers. They have been blinded to a world of glitter, a world that is glamorized by movies, music and books and in general a world that involves drugs, partying, alcohol and sex.

A world where if you can’t beat then crowd then you join them. This world has set an unrealistic standard of being rad and if you aren’t doing their things and playing by their rules then you are seen as lame — as the cool kids call it. The world is in a time where the youth shout and scream into a void, lost and even burdened by society’s expectations of who you are supposed to be and not who you want to be.

As a result, teenagers are stuck between following the lull of peers and the heavy expectations of society. Anxiety hums in the blood and whatever choice made lies in the fear of being another voice in the ocean of voices struggling to be remembered. The youth become lost in the idea of graduating from an A list school, getting rich and having that brood of babies while also fulfilling their peers expectations of being relevant and in the know about the newest gossips and tricks and living the social media picture perfect life. Most teens grow not achieving any of these and biting their nails in retirement homes, as lost as the day they were born.

The youth continue to fight to be heard but for all the wrong reasons and in the light of all the chaos in the world, perhaps it is best to take the fight to the crumbling society and the elders who have failed to make the world a better place for youth and insist on calling us the ‘lazy youth’.

Perhaps instead of shouting individually at the man, maybe all that is needed is all the voices shouting as one and for the same thing and maybe the fear of being irrelevant can be conquered by the general need for a change.

Then there might be hope in the wake of anxiety, depression and world issues, that maybe the kids will be alright.

This article was written by Odoziaku Blessing; connect with her on Instagram via here  

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