The last two events I attended, I did sitting down while sipping cold cup of coffee.

That feat would have been impossible just a few weeks ago.

I wouldn’t have been able to do that in a hall full of sweating bodies, jostling for dance space and their God-given right to fun.

But I can now, and that particular fact produces a series of emotions that I can’t adequately interpret.

First, I am glad that I can do away with the nightmarish logistics involved in attending events, especially in Lagos and just binge it virtually. Also, I now have the option of experiencing a particular event many times over; after all it’s only a click away, right?

But there’s something vital missing in the whole upgraded experience and that’s the point I am laboriously trying to make.

After a good number of events (most of them free) it has suddenly dawned on me that I am not exactly immersed in the events, I am simply watching it go by. More like a videographer would see a full event but not experience it.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to sound like a kill joy and trust me I know why we are actively exploring virtual options, but I just feel that it’s not the exact same experience.

Something is missing. There’s something about bodies packed together, the alchemy of perfumes and the haughty pretense factor that comes with strutting through a hall and occupying the VIP roll that was probably given for free.

This is the real makeup of an event. This is the reason why we endure the hours it takes to dress up and brave the mind-numbing traffic. Not just the event itself.

It’s so we can get a visual appraisal, howbeit fleeting, on the state of our form, the ride in which we arrive in and the feeling of returning from an event ‘tired.’ These are the things we live for.

The virtual alternative takes all that away from us. 

I know experts have predicted that post covid, people would have formed the hard-to-break habit of staying home, and so enterprises like cinemas and event centers would show less patronage, but somehow that would not be true in this clime.

Infact, the reverse would probably be the case where Nigerians would cram event centers with weddings and shows to make for lost time.

In the mean time we have virtual events as our only option, and whether they fall short of creating an all-encompassing immersive event experience, they are our safest option.

This article was written by Henri ‘Yireconnect on Instagram with him here

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