Calm, collected and charismatic, Diamond Ikhide Usidamen better known as Holyfield could appropriately be regarded as the king of underground rappers in Nigeria. Those who are conversant with new school Nigeria’s rap landscape wouldn’t find it difficult to digest the kind of promise Holyfield holds. He easily stands out with his lyrical depth, crunchy punch lines witty word plays and intensive renditions that leaves one’s jaws drooping. He’s peers with Blaqbonez, Vader, Paypac, Tentik and others with whom he always did cyphers with.

In this interview, Holyfield shares his story of becoming with us; his worries, frustrations, wins and expectations.

“My name is Diamond Ikhide Usidamen a.k.a Holyfield from Edo State. I live here in Lagos, doing my thing and praying for success.” He said, by way of introduction.

When asked about how he feels with Blaqbonez’s success, considering that they started together and are close friends, he confirms that he was cool with the whole development. “It feels good to know that we are being seen. That’s what the Blaqbonez’s success story tells me. We’ve been doing this for a long time and such breakthroughs are testaments to the fact that we are on the right lane. It is only a matter of time before we all get the deserved recognition,” he noted.

On whether anything has changed with his relationship with Blaqbonez since the latter blew, he maintains that things are still the way they were before only that Blaq is a lot busier now. “Don’t let what you see on the news deceive you. Blaq and I are cool. We still talk, visit one another and hang out like we always did. As you can see, I have made cameo appearances in some of his videos. We are cool,” he said. 

He however noted that the industry is slow with acceptance rate and a lot of newbies aren’t getting the needed space they deserve in order to ensure they achieve success, “that could be frustrating” he remarked. 

On his visions for the coming years Holyfield has this to say: “I’m not among those who brag about what they would achieve in so so time and year. I can only say that I’ll keep pushing like I’ve always done. I’ll drop more singles, explore newer methods of achieving breakthrough, hoping that the boy gets paid.”

He finalizes by calling for more beefs among rappers. According to him, it engenders creativity, makes rappers sit up and think deep before producing a track. He believes that such development is healthy, but only on the grounds that it doesn’t transform into a physical brawl.  

Holyfield is optimistic that he would breakthrough and has assured that a lot of buzz and engaging songs would herald his coming. 

We hope so.

This article was written by Ifesinachi Nwadike

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