In every film, there are key crew members needed to make a film somewhat watchable and enjoyable. These crew members can be divided into the creative crew and then the non-creative crew. The creative crew I would say have the liberty to execute ideas based on a creative hunch, while the non-creative crew don’t. The leader of the creative and non-creative crew is the director. He’s the creative lead and many times every other department works to execute his idea. Inasmuch as every crew member is crucial in bringing the director’s idea to life, the cinematographers are the director’s right-hand person.

Still from Swallow; DP – Jonathan Kovel

The cinematographers are responsible for actualizing the shots, deciding the type of lighting is necessary for the shot and all the technical goodness that goes into what makes a shot so mesmerizing to watch. Here are some of the cinematographers responsible for the stellar shots and composition in some of the Nollywood movies on Netflix.

  • John Demps – Omo Ghetto, Living in Bondage

When talking about industry bests, some names can’t be avoided or omitted and John Demps is one of those names. John Demps is a multi-award-winning cinematographer with a film reel of over twenty movies, Nollywood and Hollywood movies included. He’s the Director of Photography of the award-winning movie Living in Bondage: Breaking Free, which earned him the AMVCA award for best cinematography, and the blockbuster movie, Omo Ghetto; The Saga. Some notable mentions include Nneka the Pretty Serpent, The 4th Republic, and Being Mrs. Elliot.

  • Kunle Adejuyigbe – Isoken, Mokalik

Popularly known as Nodash, Kunle Adejuyigbe is also a notable name in the cinematography community. His work speaks for him and it’s saying a whole lot. From his work, it’s easy to tell his versatility in genres through his film reel. Some of his works include The Bridge, The Delivery Boy, Love is War, Isoken, etc. Some notable mentions include Merry Men 2 and Fifty.

  • Muhammad Atta Ahmed – One Night in Lagos, Light In The Dark

A personal favorite of mine. Muhammad Atta is one of the talented cinematographers the industry has out there. In addition to his numerous projects on Netflix, including The Set Up, One Night in Lagos, Light in The Dark, and Chief Daddy, he is an MTV VMA winner for his cinematography work on Beyonce’s Black is King.

  • Yinka Edwards – Confusion Na Wa , 93 Days

Also an industry giant, Yinka Edward has acquired his achievements through many years of honing his craft and working alongside other great talents. He’s worked closely with Kunle Afolayan on several projects, a true match made in heaven. Some of their works include October 1, Phone Swap, and The Figurine. Some of his non-Kunle Afolayan related projects include Lionheart, The Milkmaid, Confusion Nawa Okafor’s Law, etc. He’s raked up a prestigious film reel.

  • Baba Agba – Ojukokoro, The Lost Cafe

Known for his indie style, Agba’s style is unique and one I quite frankly enjoy watching. It’s aside the norm and enjoyable to a select audience who truly enjoy his film style.

There are hundreds of other cinematographers doing amazing work both in and outside Netflix related content. Nigerian filmmakers are honestly so talented and do amazing work each time.

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