Our current interpretation of normal has become so skewed that we have had to rework our longstanding social gestures to suit the new world.

An innocuous social norm like handshaking is now considered one of the top health hazards globally and with good reason.

Affectionate hugs have also been so highly discouraged, that you will be hard-pressed to see anyone willing to partake in the now scary endeavor. 

But a growing concern is the customary expectations of visitation in the wake of the covid-19 scare. Several cities have been open for a while now with interstate crossings sanctioned by the powers that be. This has created an increase in the number of casual visitations between family and friends that was not possible weeks before. This new development comes with its own unique challenges because now that the barriers have been lifted, people expect to naturally reconnect with loved ones.

So the question is, should we fall into the lure of visiting the people we have not seen pre covid And if we do, how do we comport ourselves to facilitate safety measures while not coming off as disrespectful in the process?

The underlying question to every longstanding visitation is, do I use a mask or not?

Many people have been offended by the insistent use of masks by their family members and close friends when in proximity to them. There is a general feeling of offense that comes with being masked while talking to a loved one. It just comes off as judgmental to mask yourself in the presence of family.

Then there is the question of whether handshakes and hugs are expected and whether they should be given or not.

It’s easy to simply shrug it off as health hazards to be in the same space as someone you are not sure of their status, close relative or not.

But it plays out a lot different in reality because this is family and tries as you may communication is not the same when done through a fabric barrier as it is without one.

The logical conclusion is to properly analyze that nagging need to visit the people you haven’t seen for a while. 

Can you do without that visit? Is there a way to communicate with them without making a physical appearance?

Because it is better not to have visited at all, than to visit and leave afterwards with the relationship worse off than it was previously.

This article was written by Henri ‘Yireconnect on Instagram with him here

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