Losing weight can be a hideous task but losing weight without adverse and long-term effects is the best you can ever accomplish.

The holidays are over and there are regrettable emotions spread all over your face and more, it has inured with your New Year resolutions – even when you are prepared to with an obligation to eat more fresh and edible food, it can be imbued with self-rejection.

Those fries in layers, minced your favorite meat and yoghurt. But the good thing is that anyone who is completely interested in improving their diet has super resources to help them. A U.S group of experts in diet, obesity, diabetes, heart diseases has examined and ranked 40 diets (according to The Guardian). These listings are curated annually, it also shows pictorial demonstrations of diets that are best for short and long-term weight loss, easiest to follow, and are most likely to be adhered to – and which are dangerous because they don’t provide enough nutrients to the body.


The overall and best diet is definitely the Ketogenic diet, which raises fat intake and reduces carbohydrates This is famously and reportedly followed by Kim Kardashian and Mick Jagger Experts are always concerned about the health risks of these high levels of fat, especially for people living with liver and kidney problems.

The arguable slot is shared between two underestimated diets – the DASH diet and the Mediterranean diet. Fitness and catering junkies are familiar with the Mediterranean diet, the former is less popular but has been always climbed the experts’ annual best diets ladder for more than eight years. Some of the other diets are supported with evidences of their effectiveness – people who follow them strictly lose weight and reduce the risk of high blood pressure, and most importantly.

The DASH diet contains grains, four to five of vegetables or fruits, six of skinned meat (chicken or fish), nuts and two to three servings of fats. These are always served in small quantities.

The Mediterranean diet is full of fruits, vegetables, olive oil, grains, fish, nuts, poultry, eggs, and cheese and yogurt in moderation, similar to DASH, but without the specific serving restrictions.

Conclusively, most studies in fitness and nutrition show weight reduction while others are inexact, but a Mediterranean diet is also a good medium to tackle diabetes and, coronary artery disease and other heart diseases. It is also easy and even cheery to follow. All-inclusive, the most-ranked diets are not too restrictive. As opposed to the other diets, the Flexitarian diet – occasional addition of meat – springs highly than a vegan diet. The diet is ranked with the raw food diet as the worst and least healthy. They are too restrictive to be the “number one ” diet for fitness and nutrient savvies.

This article was written by Alex Ndace; he tweets via @AlexNdace

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