If you were to take a poll of most business owners, you’d find that the majority had gotten to a point where their business wasn’t bringing in income anymore, and it seemed like all the money had disappeared. This happens when a business goes broke, per se. It’s a critical time in every business, and the decision that you make as an entrepreneur will determine what happens next in the lifespan of your business.

As business coach “7figurechick” put it, what separates the hunter from the haunted is the decision you make at this point. What would be the brightest and best next move when your business is heading toward rock bottom? And you have no cash flow to meet demand and keep the business running? 

The answer is to spend every cent you have left on marketing. Marketing is the blood in the veins of your business that keeps it alive, even though most business owners ignore it more often than not. But don’t spend your last dime on just any low-effort marketing idea. After all, it’s your last dime, and unless you want to be truly broke and start from scratch, spend it on a well-thought-out marketing strategy.

You can do this easily in two steps:

  • Step 1: Know what people want.
  • Step 2: Get it for them/give it to them.

Step one above involves identifying the challenges and problems that your target audience is facing. To add value to anyone, you must first understand their needs, problems, and challenges. Value is relative, and it’s directly related to the issues that your prospective customers are dealing with. So you can’t provide value to your customer until you understand what it means to them. 

Here is a step-by-step on how to create value for your audience:

  1. Centre everything on their challenges and problems.
  2. Actively try to solve these problems with your products and or services. 
  3. Constantly communicate to them in their own words, by highlighting the problems and solutions at all times through your marketing.

This will position your business as the expert choice for solutions. If you can help as many people as possible to get what they want, you can also get what you want, which is ultimately to make money. When your marketing efforts are directed at the right audience and address the right problems, your bank account will never run dry. Your return on investment will instead be tripled.

Figure out what is keeping your audience up at night right now, then position your product or service as the solution and broadcast that message generously across your audience. This works like magic and never fails. 

If you help enough people get what they want, you will get all you want.

– Zig Ziglar. 

Here’s a perfect analogy that’s been given by 7figurechick:

Let’s say you were running a fashion business, and your target audience is having a problem choosing what to wear out as the weekend approaches because they’ve got their entire weekend planned out but can’t seem to figure out what to wear. What if you identify this problem, and you step in to cater to weekend clothes, showing your audience a wide range of options for the weekend, maybe even at a discount? What would your sales be like every weekend? What would the results look like if this marketing message was put directly in front of the exact people that are looking for this solution?

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