The year is 2022 and I have been an undergraduate student for seven years and counting. When I am not thinking bad thoughts about ASUU and the Federal Government, you may find me partaking in my self-prescribed form of therapy: listening to classical music. From my experience, music preferences are as varied as individuals themselves and to the unfamiliar the thought of classical music may bring boring, sleep-inducing performances to mind. I am here to overturn that opinion, so welcome to my TED Talk.

Classical music boasts a very profound history with its origins tracing back to the 18th century. It is a complex subject with various elements, terminologies and technicalities. Thankfully, we as laymen don’t need any of those to enjoy the music. My most memorable encounter with classical music began when I listened to a modern song which sampled one of Johann Sebastian Bach’s popular works. To say I was hooked is an understatement and my free fall into the genre began from there. 

A lot of people may avoid classical music because it often lacks lyrics or vocal parts but I strongly believe that this element is a big part of its allure. You are able to hear the tender notes of a cello linger while the piano sings; there might be no lyrics but the music seems to speak directly to my soul. Besides, some forms of classical music do have lyrics and even if you don’t enjoy an instrumental or orchestral performance, you may enjoy an opera instead where the music is accompanied by singing.

Another widely held misconception is that classical music is for intellectual or pretentious people and the performances are repetitive and bland. I used to think like this too until I realized that there are so many different compositions with various styles to suit your preferences; you can find music to soothe your emotions and then another piece will get your blood pumping. And while I don’t consider myself a high-brow intellectual by any means, my voyage into classical music has given me a deeper appreciation of the arts which I previously lacked.

Beyond these, studies have shown that listening to classical music can improve your concentration, boost your mood and even help you sleep. Do you really want to say no to that? You can also avail yourself of the opportunity to attend live orchestras and performances where you can be fully immersed in the experience – that sounds like an excellent new hobby to me!

Despite classical music being one of the oldest genres of music, the new experiences it can offer are virtually endless. We can appreciate the legacy left behind by the likes of Beethoven, Haydn and Mozart as well as the more modern compositions being created in this day and age. I really hope that we can all give classical music a chance; it could open a new dimension to music for you just as it did for me.

This article was written bAyooluwa Odulana; connect with her on Instagram via here 

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