As reunions go, there is never a shortage of spiking emotions and engineered backlash and so the BBNaija pepper dem gang reunion, is no exception.

Premiering many months after the show itself and with its prolonged daily showing, it is apparent that the reunion is probably a way of stoking the flame for the next set of Big Brother hopefuls, who are waiting to be crammed into the famed Big Brother house.

We have seen Tacha, the disqualified BBNaija housemate who went on to achieve viral ratings regardless, go head to head with Kim Oprah about the delicate balance between putting people down as a result of complex rather than confidence.

Seyi, who was caught in the web of ‘backroom’ conversations that stoked emotions even outside the house, came face to face with his biting statements when confronted and faltered through an epileptic apology that raised tempers and ruffled feathers.

The decibel-defying Omashola, was not left out of the fray, as winner of the season, Mercy, engaged him in a legendary standoff that included some good old shoving and raised voices.

And although the feverishly watched reunion is far from over, we get a sense that it is simply there to harness emotions and get the former housemates fired up enough to go at each other. This invariably makes for good television and upends the ratings, giving us something more than covid-19 to talk about.

It also gets bloggers fired up, concocting stories afterwards and inventing hashtags to move the battle online.

From the few episodes we have seen, it is obvious that the housemates have not changed much even after months of gaining prominence and fattening their enterprise. The only obvious changes would be their updated looks, virality factor and growing fan base.

Tacha is as unapologetic as ever and Omashola seems to have become more fiendish. Mercy on the other hand is as vocally brutal as ever and Seyi is still a little stuck up.

We are certain that there are more juicy explosions to come, because the reunion is yet to explore issues like the misguided love rituals of Gedoni by way of Khafi and Venita, Frodd and Esther’s curious love predicament and where it is today and Elozonam and Dianne’s elusive ‘situationship’.

Even though we get a sense that the show is intentionally being stretched and the organizers are simply waiting for the world to open up so they can kick off the next season of the renowned Big Brother Naija show, we can’t help but be entertained by the drama of the ex housemates.

If the way BBNaija host, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu subtly introduces ‘pepper’ in every conversation is anything to go by, then we are probably prepped for an explosive new season of the franchise.

Fingers crossed.

This article was written by Henri ‘Yireconnect on Instagram with him here

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