Serendipity has been known to spur unexpected outcomes. That is the story of celebrity music producer, Lord Sky. A chance remake of the viral ‘Apostle-will-hear-of-this’ video into an Afrobeat hit track launched his budding career into the mainstream faster than any A-list recording would have.

A search for the slightly misspelt name, ‘Lorrdsky’ on Instagram will reveal his verified account, complete with the blue tick, but just beneath it another suspiciously-named affiliate, ‘Lorrdsky Wives Association’ will pop up.

That is the kind of notoriety the Afrobeat viral music creator, Lord Sky, has enjoyed for the last few years; a carefully-curated fan base that is dedicated to amplifying the renowned music producer’s body of work – whenever they can get their hands on it.

The origin of Lord Sky’s work lies in serendipity. Sometime in 2017 he created his first viral video remake in his free time, and without a proper marketing plan the content instantly went viral and without warning, an otherwise unknown beat maker became an overnight celebrity.

Everything changed after that.  He developed a viral following with constant requests for more viral video remakes. The rest, like they say is history.

Lord Sky’s brand has been expectedly stereotyped, with a good portion of his following labeling him as the ‘King of Viral Videos,’ but he is quick to point out the fact that his brand offers much more.

“Apart from viral music productions, I’m Rudeboy’s producer. I also produce for other artistes in Nigeria and around the world.”

His also hosts an Instagram music tutorial called “1 minute beat breakdown” which he insists is more of entertainment than tutorials. As the title implies, he recreates live in a studio setting, some of the popular beats to his viral videos. 

“For more in-depth tutorials I usually grant that to other media houses/brands and there are a couple of them on YouTube which are over 30mins long. 

I intend to have offline sessions much later for many individuals at once, but not now,” he added.

His musical trajectory started as a self-taught multiple musical instrument playing kid. He started making beats when he finally got a keyboard.

Lord Sky’s only professional stint with music production is a sound engineering course he did while he was away in London studying information technology 

“I always had the idea of creating music from unorthodox sources,” he insists.

Recently, Lord Sky dropped the highly-anticipated video for one of his most popular viral remakes, ‘Chiwawa,’ following the viral video he first created for it.

If you don’t live under a rock, you probably have heard the track.

‘Chiwawa’ is a clever, mishmash of the infamous spat between Big Brother Naija housemates, Omashola and Tacha, where in a chant-like fashion, they started trading insults like ‘Chiwawa’ and ‘barking dog.’

“The original chiwawa viral video was made because the fans requested it like crazy on all platforms I was on. I had the time and got right to it. It was super viral and the song didn’t stop playing till the Big Brother housemates came out to enjoy it. Omashola and I were in talks about how much it kept playing in different regions and we decided to add a music video to it. Omashola brought in Tacha and the other housemates on the project. He was the bridge to linking up both parties for the video project.”

Lord Sky is the brain behind viral videos like Vice President Osinbajo’s famed ‘where-were-we’, Security update gone wrong ‘Helta Seketas,’ the hilarious apostle-will-hear-of-this and the more recent ‘Corona virus’ chant, and the beat maestro doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

Adekunle Gold in a tweet complained about how he could not seem to get the ‘Corona Virus’ remake by Lord Sky out of his head.

“I select the music I choose to recreate by how much playtime I have while it’s trending and how much the fans want it. If the requests don’t stop from the fans I usually get right to remixing it, if I’m not overwhelmed with other projects.”

The Covid-19 lockdown has slowed things down a bit for everyone and Lord Sky is no exception.

“What I really miss as a result of the lockdown is getting to play basketball with others on a basketball court. That was really my regular weekly recreation before Covid-19.”

Work, on the other hand is still ongoing for Lord Sky, even in seclusion, as the viral beat maker is working on his Second EP.

“It’s much different from the sound I had in “Chant music Vol1″. It should be out soon,” he adds.

If the excesses of today’s world are anything to go by, then we should expect the quirky services of Lord Sky to be with us for a while yet, because from time to time and without exception, everyone needs a good laugh.

This article was written by Henri ‘Yireconnect on Instagram with him here

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