Curating that perfect playlist for a friend of even your lover may seem like an easy task, but really it’s an art that needs to be mastered. You need to understand the tips and tricks to getting your listeners to fall in love with the songs carefully selected for the playlist. A few Nigerians share their special tips to making the perfect playlist.

Tobi – Set The Mood With The First Song

To get the playlist going, it’s advisable to start the playlist with an upbeat song. It gets the listeners gingered for the rest of the playlist. This obviously depends on the mood of the playlist, if the playlist is chill and smooth, go for a song that completely represents that vibe.

Olamide – Pick Songs You Enjoy

I think playlists should be a representation of your music taste, a chance to show people you know good music for any kind of vibe. Putting songs you like gives the playlist a more personal and authentic touch to it.

Marbella – Arrangement Of The Songs

How you arrange the songs are very crucial to the entire flow of the playlist. If you’re intentional about the song arrangemnet it goes a very long way in how listeners experience the playlist. Pay attention to the paces of the songs and piece them together like a puzzle.

Subomi – Description Of The Playlist Matters

I take the playlist description very seriously. You don’t need to pour your heart out in the description but a good and maybe funny description would help listeners connect better to the playlist.

Amina – Pick A Mood And Stick To It

Knowing the kind of vibe and mood you want to set is something you should decide before curating the playlist, mixing Small Doctor and Sza in the same playlist is nothing but confusion. People would like to associate your playlist with what they want to feel.

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