Yesterday evening, my mother returned home and in her usual manner started to give us her own version of the BBC news. Last week the headlines was the fainting of the MD during probing of the health sector, yesterday it was the young college boy she saw sporting a mixture of green and orange colored hair. She started lamenting-in her usual manner about how Nigerian youths were getting worse everyday. According to her, the boy wore green khaki trousers and orange  sneakers to match his “lizard-colored hair”.

I laughed at her description and had to urge her to explain the latest turn in fashion to her, to educate her on “ALTE FASHION STYLE”, but I knew what her response would be. She would be shocked and call me “omo buruku” and pray over my head for two hours or more. So I choose to keep my mouth shut. I opted for a better way to express myself instead. I picked my pen and wrote about it. So here it is; 

The word “ALTE” is short for “alternative” and simply means being different, it is used to indicate variation from the norm. The ALTE FASHION is a unique style of dressing that is becoming rampant amongst Nigerian youths. It involves the combination of the old and new school styles of dressing in a manner that suits your preference, being that it doesn’t follow the usual fashion trend. Youths have been found diving into this area of fashion of recent. 

Due to the “alarming” rate at which this new trend is being imbibed, the need to examine its influence on the older generation has arisen. In a country where traditional attires used to be the norm, sudden change from the norm to multi-colored hair and brightly colored clothes wouldn’t be expected to be accepted with open arms. Just like my mother who thinks only “bad children ” dress that way, many other parents and grandparents have frowned at the new alte style. 

Unlike most of the older generation, youths aren’t entirely rejecting the whole idea. The alte fashion might be here to stay because many people  feel comfortable dressing this way as its open style combinations allows them explore variety and try out new things. Where does this place our culture and norm though? You may ask. But if we as Nigerians could embrace the western style of dressing and wear suits like our colonial masters did, we definitely can accept the new alte.

Nothing stays the same, change is constant.

This article was written by Olajumoke Ojewale; connect with her on Instagram via here  

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