There are some allusions to the Africa we hear about. The Africa of poverty; the Africa of corruption; the Africa of malaria; the Africa of HIV/AIDS; the Africa of conflict; the Africa of disasters. It is quite true that these things are going on. There is however an Africa you don’t hear about. Yes, … this is changing Africa! This is the Africa of opportunities; an Africa which produced masterpieces, white hands were tempted to steal; an Africa of rich cultural diversity; a continent with milk and honey; an Africa of hope where Africans are willing to take ownership of the positive narrative to become ambassadors for positive change.

The central question in the minds of many today is: What is it that makes up the African Renaissance – “the concept that the African people could overcome the current challenges confronting the continent and achieve cultural, scientific, and economic renewal.”

If we are to lead change for genuine liberation in Africa, then we must first be the change. Nelson Mandela preached that “it is great folly to sit still until we are personally afflicted, for a person who waits for a storm to arrive before taking action would end up suffering the pangs of destruction.” We must open our doors in unity and should, through action rather than sentimental attachment, contribute to the revival of African pride. More fundamentally, Africans in Africa and the Diaspora must strive to re-awaken an extraordinary consciousness about Africa as a home for all the people of Africa. 

Noteworthy, is that the African Renaissance requires that as a continent, we need to begin to take the issues of women and children’s rights seriously. We need to campaign more vigorously against the unscrupulous degradation of the environment in Africa and the eradication of illegal migration among young people. We must harness the precious wealth from the limitless creativity of the teeming population of the people. Furthermore, we have to work towards renaissance in our various profession. We need our musicians to promote African values in their music; we need writers to write the story of Africa, its plight and where it is going; we need industrialists to democratise luck and institutionalise opportunities for African entrepreneurs; we need poets to sing the praises of Africa through the outstanding quality of their work; we need to paint a healthy picture of Africa without any form of discrimination on the grounds of gender, religion or ethnicity.

In addition, the lives and prospects of Africans are the heartbeats of the continent’s development and as such the need to hinge development of the continent on the people. In the words of a proactive citizen “those who have eyes to see, let them see, the African Renaissance is upon us. As we peer through the looking glass darkly, this may not be obvious, but it is upon us.” Let us join hands together to rebirth our continent.

Africans…The floor is yours!

This article was written bPrince Oyinlola Abosede; connect with him on Instagram via here  

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