There are healthcare inventions in the world that have been able to combat and eradicate different diseases, ailments and infections. Not even the fear and fatality of cancer has been discovered but the perseverance to pass through chemotherapy can be the bravest steps of tumorigenic patients beating cancer and its wrath. Nevertheless, there are still some deadly diseases out there: 


It’s been more than 25 years that the first patient of the Acquired Immune Deficiency syndrome was tested positive and the world’s brightest scientists and researchers have failed to find a cure asides minor hopes that were presented to the world


As people age, especially old athletes that engaged in contact sports forgetfulness has been identified in most old people. Till now, there is no known cure for this nervous system disorder.


Cough, headache and running nose are associated with common cold but there is so much for an infection in which the most effective cure is chicken soup.


Human beings still have no control and cure for a disease carried by birds and it can also be transmitted by vulnerable humans among themselves. The death rate for this infection is as high as 60% but the highest chance of contacting it is through direct contacts with infected pets especially parrot.


The disease known to be associated with mineral deficiency makes infected patients crave glue and clay and the worst substances ever. Health experts have not discovered a suitable cure for this weird infection.


This is the collective name for afflictions such as lupus and other autoimmune disorders that treat body’s organs and other body functions as invaders. Doctors can do less about this except to curtail the symptoms.


Crispy strands and tacky skins are the symptoms of this illness. As worse as it may seem, psychotic delusions are responsible for this disease, according to clinical experts. The symptoms are real.

This article was written by Alex Ndace; he tweets via @AlexNdace

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