The fear of the 5G technology has recently become mainstream especially due to the fact that everyone is seeking answers to the questions about the origin of and the solution to the novel disease and Pandemic of Coronavirus. There have been different claims behind these fears, and digging into them, you will discover some truly wild conspiracy theories. While some claim that we are being used as victims to test the smaller wavelengths used in this generation of mobile phone infrastructure, others argued that 5G is equivalent to weapons, and is being used by the government to break the enemy’s spirit.

These false claims about the harmful effect of the fifth generation technologies have worked their way through social media and was mystically connected to the coronavirus. There is a widespread rumor that 5G is dangerous, many memes and tweets have been created, and even scary videos have gone viral cautioning the people to say NO to 5G. These fears have transited from the digital to the physical world as it has caused great damages in different parts of the world, where 5G base stations were set ablaze in places like the UK. This awful amount of terror among the people over the installation of a wireless network which was meant to make life easier and technology faster have led to the death of many.

It is right to be worried about Any new technology you are not familiar with. We have heard stories of how people flew away from cars, but were still comfortable with horses, and how many were afraid at the invention of electricity and other technological discoveries we now use freely. But in this case, we have been using wireless technologies since its invention in the early 1970s, from the evolution of 1G down to the current 4G, and 5G is just another wireless technology which is able to handle 10,000 times more call and data traffic more than 4G network.

The 5G network is outstanding with features like; high downloading and uploading speed, transporter class gateway with unparalleled consistency, high resolution for crazy cell phone users and bi-directional large bandwidth shaping. It offers unrestricted call volumes, infinite data broadcast and tremendous data capabilities within the latest mobile operating system. It is unlike its 4G counterpart which mostly focused on the availability of raw bandwidth. The 5G provides pervasive connectivity to lay grounds for fast and resilient access to the internet users anywhere they are.

Each passing year there is a rise in difficulty to predict the future, so we should always be prepared for an increase in technological change, instead of attributing it to the popular myth of the world coming to an end, thereby propelling fear and causing damages here and there. The 5G mobile technology will be the most powerful of its kind and will be in huge demand in the near future because it incorporates all kinds of advanced features you will not get from any other.

This article was written by Abel Igono; connect with him on Instagram via here  


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