Thank God Omori Jesam aka TG Omori, since his childhood has always wanted to create. Growing up, he already had the love for acting, dancing, music, standup comedy and everything related to entertainment. Realizing his potential and knowing what he wants to do with his life at a very young age, TG Omori has now become a leading music video director in Nigeria.

TG Omori, also known as Boy Director hails from Cross Rivers State. He was born in 1995 in Lagos, Nigeria, where he also had his basic education. TG Omori discovered his love for cinematography and video directing at about the age of 17, while still a student at the University of Lagos. He is one of the outliers who believe school is a waste of his time and this led him to attend a film school instead.

According to him, “When I was quite young in church, I use to lead the drama team, right from when I was in the children church. Even as a child, I always come up with concepts for dances. I was just a creative from my childhood; I got respected among my peers because of this. I always wanted to be in a circle where I can create and I never wanted to go to the University and get a degree. I felt like God would get angry with me. Sometimes I feel like what I create is not me, but it’s divine because sometimes I think of ideas and don’t know how these ideas get to me.” He added, ”while I was in the University, everything was not making sense, so I did my research and found out there was a film school in Lagos, and so I applied. However, I wasn’t getting what I wanted.”

TG’s parents were never aware that he left the University, and was attending a film school. After a year in the film school, he had to leave after getting a job offer to write for a media house. He also wanted to pursue a career as an actor. He was attending auditions, going on set but that didn’t seem to give him fulfillment. “I’m the kind of person who doesn’t deceive myself when I don’t see a future in something I rather back off when I can. I was acting, and I wasn’t feeling it, I didn’t like how the whole acting industry was going.”

TG later decided to go into music video directing. He thought of ways he could improve himself, did some research and also moved with friends in the film making industry to learn more. He did this for about six months before he got a proper video directing offer from a friend who believed in his creative strength in 2015. That opportunity led to him getting calls and shooting every week. For over two years when he was doing his own thing, TG only shot videos for upcoming artist and never had a chance to shoot videos for prominent artists.

In December 2018, however, the big opportunity that made TG’s creativity known in Nigeria came through. “YCEE’s manager hit me up for YCEE’s “My Side” video. I felt like it was the shot and I needed to go all out,” he said. TG took that inch and is running a mile, shooting groundbreaking videos for artistes like Dban’j, Wizkid, Olamide, Timaya, Reekado Banks, Teni, Naira Marley, Zlatan.

Finding creative ideas for these music videos was never challenging for TG because he could easily relate to these kinds of music. “It was easier for me. I understand the lifestyle, and I understand the culture.” ”To me, I feel like this is just a stepping stone. I’m trying to bring the world to Africa. I want people in other parts of the world to want a taste of this Afrobeat culture, and I want to be the leader of the culture.” One major factor that has made TG stand out among other music video directors is his uniqueness and creative method of directing.

The famed director is currently pushing a movement he calls “Wayward”. ”The only way to break in is if you are solving a problem. No one will want to work with you if you are doing what others are doing. So I had to bring my style – Wayward.” Wayward, basically, is a movement that welcomes people that are misunderstood and people who have chosen to deviate from the norm. TG told me, “I run a movement of people the society has looked down on and called useless because of their dreams.”

Bringing something new out of the ordinary has been TG’s thing. He says in the coming years, he wants his methods to be studied as a course. For instance, this wayward way is how he approaches the videos he directs. “I choose my project. If project is given to me and I don’t like it, I don’t do it. I’m trying to keep a clean slate”, he said. ”For the movement, I’m trying to raise initiatives. I have a couple of boys working with me now that I’m trying to mentor. I’m trying to impact a lot of youths to make the movement grow worldwide all across Africa.”

TG also explained how the name Boy Director came to be. “The name, Boy Director, came about because I started directing since I was a boy. The name now is not about just me; it’s about every young boy aspiring to be a director. Boy director is also a movement for young creatives that aspire to be directors.” The 24-year-old times his time in the business of music videos directing. At age 31, he plans to shift focus to shooting commercials and cinema movies. He advises that the only way one not to become irrelevant in the industry is if one is not limited to their environment. Thank God tell his story, his life experiences, and his view of the world through his works. And soon enough he believes he will bring the world to Africa!

This article was written by Ibironke Oluwatobi. He tweets via: @ibironketweets

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