Who else agrees with me? Or am I the only fan of Tekno who thinks he should be bigger than he currently is? Who else feels that Tekno has produced a huge body of work that should easily put him on the same pedestal as Wizkid and Davido but sadly isn’t on that pedestal yet?

I have consciously been following Tekno since 2013 till date and I can vouchsafe that aside Wizkid, Tekno is the next Nigerian artist whose songs can sustain a party for hours without the audience getting bored and calling for a change. Check out “Duro,” “Wash,”, “Pana,” “Diana,” “Rara” and the many other hits he dropped under Ubi Franklin’s Triple MG imprint down to the many fascinating singles he has been dropping “back to back” since he formed his own label – “Woman,” “Agege,” “Better (Hope for Africa)”, “Skeletun,” “Suru” and any other song he is bound to drop; even his biggest traducer would agree that he has put in so much work.

Sadly, dropping hit songs and being a good stage performer is not the only factor that makes an artist popular. They are in fact secondary to the artist’s personal life and how he relates with his fans and other music consumers. 

Truth is that Tekno was handled by a poor hand; a hand that may be good in negotiating good business deals that helps them maximize profits but terrible in managing the relationship between an artist and his fans. There were days when stories flew here and there about Tekno’s arrogance and how he snubs the hell out of people, including his legendary disregard of some elderly players in the music industry. His label as at then did little or nothing to make sure that their artist does not go down on that lane where people would begin to yimu and even avoid them entirely. 

Yours sincerely has been a victim of Tekno’s uppity lifestyle which meant nothing to me because I am patient enough to regard it as one of the crucibles of young fame, but would others take it as that? Would hurt fans, disappointed potential collaborators, interviewers and lesser successful colleagues count it as such? Would they indulge him? These questions are begging for answers.

These and many more issues are part of the reasons why most of us think that Tekno isn’t enjoying the kind of fame that is commensurate with his outputs so far. Now that he is alone, it behooves on him to form a strong team; a team that would not only be comprised of good producers and sound engineers, but a team that has a manager that knows his onions; a team with a powerful image-maker who would pick Tekno’s brand and rebrand it by breathing a long overdue fresh air into Tekno’s reputation.

But then, I fear that the Tekno we are looking at does not care what anyone thinks. Tekno, from the look of things, is comfortable and does not seem to worry about where he currently is. 

What do I even know!

This article was written by Ifesinachi Nwadike


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