Since the beginning of time and from the era of the first Homo sapiens, mankind has always sought for better and more fun ways to get things done. Mankind’s persistence, his creative mind coupled with an instinctive knack for self-improvement all in a bid to solve nagging societal issues is the force that compels his seeming random but well-calculated steps towards technological advancement. Contrary to popular beliefs, technology did not just begin in the 18th century but rather is an ageless practice with just a different name across human timeline; call it the stone age, bronze age, iron age or the technology age, it is still one ageless phenomenon where man seeks to immortalize not just himself but a specific process to make life worthwhile.

Technology over time has seen some groundbreaking innovations that have kept the whole of humanity on its toes at every turn, and for every technological invention, there is always this subtle, abstract message that accompanies it informing the man that there is more to come than they could imagine. This is what makes technology so attractive; the euphoria of a new tech plus the anticipation of a better one that comes with it.

In this era of SMART DEVICES, life has really been worth it,; from smartphones to smart cars to smart houses and a whole lot more, technology has really succeeded in mesmerizing even the most sinister of minds making it possible for all to dream again, such that the mind becomes an endless possibility of technological inventions.

Technology has done well enough to carve a path for itself in the course of mankind and it is at a pace in which the human mind can barely keep up making it safe to say that “technology is self-sustaining”. It has grown so cast that one can’t just put a handle on it and any attempt to quantify it diminishes the value it projects. Itemizing the best tech around would be an insult to technology itself and anyone who needs to get more exposed to this grand entity just need to open his eyes to the endless possibilities technology brings. Of a truth, tech is literally the closest thing to anyone per time. Quick check, our smartphones are at most separated from us by just a thin layer of fabric, soon technology will so transform the world in such a way that it will make the first Homo sapiens proud of what he invented. 

Technology in its subtle way has been the bedrock of human advancement, though not without its shortcomings but definitely life has become much better and has made way for man to immortalize himself, maybe not as an immortal being, but as a colossus that found a way to make his inventions transcend the constraint of time and become a precursor to itself.

This article was written by Oyedokun David Femi; connect with him on IG here 

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