Thanks to the advent and spread of smartphones, personal computers, and the internet, writing has taken on a whole lot of significant changes. Although some people believe that the changes are not for the better, evidence from studies has suggested otherwise.

The fact that this article was sent online is an evidence of the profound impacts of technology on writing. If it wasn’t possible to be heard, it’s simply pointless to speak. There are many voices on different platforms today clamouring for many things, fighting injustice and oppression, calling attention to social ills and vices and all are heard and read because of technology. It is practically impossible for anyone to act anyhow and expect to get away with it because of secrecy. Our world as we know it is now “Public” in all ramifications. The famous cliché ‘the pen is mightier than the sword’ is utterly inarguable in our present time all because of the insightful impacts technology has on writing.  Within seconds of expressing an opinion or making a confession, it is out there for the whole world to see. 

Moving on from the moral watchdog that technology has empowered writing to be is its incredible influence on education. A study on the effect of Computer-Assisted Classroom Discussion (CACD) by Peyton revealed that students become better writers when they have a strong audience and a purpose for their writing. Technology is not only a resource tool that aids teaching and learning in a classroom environment, but it also fosters collaboration and communalism. Furthermore, it increases students’ participation as quiet students – the ones that ordinarily do not speak in the classrooms to other students or even teachers usually become interactive on group chats and discussions.

Moreover, the ability to communicate in real-time has also opened writing up to many people.  People in all fields are fast learning the importance of effective communication as it’s a needed skill to maintain an edge in today’s highly competitive workspace. The need to compose and regularly send emails, the need to preserve a social media presence, the need to operate a functional and regularly updated website – all which requires precise and professional content have given writing a strong financial note. In short, technology is making a writer of everyone!

Writing is now more encompassing than what it was then, thanks to the ever-changing dynamics of technology. Thus, it is advisable for people (most especially the youths) to maintain an open mind which is the only way they can optimize the opportunities presented by technology to be a better writer.

This article was written by Egbetade Ifeoluwa A; connect with him on instagram here

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