The year is 2080, you are in a clinic, the menu of services is brought to you, you can buy almost everything, even immortality, humanity has just resolved the ethical and moral aspects of the technological boom. How many companies have started to build businesses off it, you are among the first customers of the biggest and foremost company.

You are asked whether you fully want to remain human or would like to augment yourself genetically or technologically or maybe you would prefer to download your consciousness into an avatar, a digital one of cos.

The singularity shall soon be here, we now live in a fast paced ever changing world where there are more positive feedbacks and accelerating returns. Transhumanism is already within our grasp, smart devices are becoming more microscopic.

The singularity postures itself as the point where an artificial intelligence will be able to rapidly improve on itself and on and on, we shall be able to biologically transcend our weaknesses,  able to finally carve out refuges of order out of entropy, it’s just a matter of when.

Our cells will be able to interact with nanobots that can eliminate diseases, repair and replace cells and tissues.

It will be a dawn of information realism, everything is information down to how we perceive the world with our senses, the brain could be rewired to see colour red and changes the individual’s mood, or trigger his or her urges.

Bots can also be able to reconfigure the physical world, molecule by molecule. Just like people were afraid of flying when the aeroplane was invented, we shall overcome any dilemma and adapt to the singularity, a level that will completely alter the history of mankind.

Imagine that you could go back to the infinitesimal or to your village four hundred years ago and give the people of that era an iPhone, how do you think they will react? Such is the nature of mankind’s exponential growth, we are a process, a civilization capable of utilizing, optimally utilizing resources and intelligence even on a cosmic level.

This article was written bChris Agim; connect with him on Instagram via here  

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