If asked to mention artiste managers in Nigeria, I am pretty much sure the name – Osagie would come off as one of our favourite. Osagie is one of the very few successful managers we have in the Nigeria music industry, being a female didn’t hinder her from achieving so many feats worthy of envy. Many would agree to the fact that she is one hardworking and smart lady.

Her name went mainstream when she successfully manage Wizkid to stardom although she had a previous working relationship with a couple of artistes with some of them being her friend. With Wizkid, Osagie became a role model to aspiring talent managers; her attitude and response were very professional and she didn’t come off as a snub even with her portfolio of managing some of the biggest acts in Nigeria – the EME crew.

Compared to other talent managers most especially the younger age group, Osagie is unarguably one of the most successful; all these feats were all achieved under her widely known – M.et.al imprint. 

Fast forward to 2016, she was involved in a money battle with one of her client’s record label and it sort of came out as disappointing with the details been sprung out from the melee. Apparently she had to move on with her career and then she decided to shut down an outfit she grew over time which she easily passes as “thismetalchic”, now every accomplishments done under M.et.al are all gone.

While I give her kudos for choosing to tow in this direction, I have a few reservation about it. Apparently the reason to float a new outfit was borne out the fact that she had issues which eventually became top discussion in the media circle. Now my question is this: Does the new agency changes the fact that it is the same Osagie? 

I know Osagie for one, she would eventually break even with “The Zone Agency” given her track records of being a goal-getter. Already she has Timaya, Attitude and GGB Dance Crew and believe me these names are sufficient enough for a talent agency. Since success is imminent with TZA under the leadership of Osagie, why then the move to switch outfits, rather shut down an outfit for another?

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