It has been said the Nigeria Music industry has grown overtime turning into a high profit-yielding venture with the influx of rich investors who are willingly to expand their chain of businesses into the entertainment circle.

One would think that with the coming in of these guys, the monopoly that besiege the industry in the 90’s would be erased completely but sadly that isn’t the case as the same older folks who ran the industry in the pre-millennium era are still very much around and are not even ready to space up for the younger generation’s growth.

An associate of mine once likened the Music Industry to Nigeria’s politics and in all fairness, has any good thing come out from Nigeria politics? Instead it is the same names that are being recycled from the 80’s. Sadly enough same can be said about the Nigeria Music Industry. The industry only becomes interesting when there are competitions and youths in their default mode are zealous when it comes to competitions but then without an open playing field they fade away into the background.

I will continue this discussion next week to enable get approval from some of these men in the cabal and believe it or not I’m loyal to some of these men.



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