Developing a proper structure for indigenous music label has been a tough task been laid upon label owners in Nigeria. Despite the fact issues pertaining structuring have been raised severally, we are still witnessing a repeat of similar events within different labels and it begs the question – Is structuring feasible in Nigerian-owned Music Labels?

We have seen successful artistes setting up record labels based on their personalities without having enough knowledge on the technical-know-how to run a label. The trend which is becoming a thing in the industry funny enough all take similar approach – using social media to announce the birth of their personal label.

Recently, one of Nigeria’s talented star – Iyanya took the same path in announcing the launch of his new label. His action stirred a lot of controversies bearing the mind he is a co-founder of Triple MG and coming at a time he was having debt issues with a show promoter in the USA. Prior to now, rumours been peddled had it that he and Ubi – his partner and manager have been at loggerheads in recent times with money issues on top.

Ubi in his usual in his usual manner took to Instagram to issue a “press release’ to bloggers debunking the stories of mismanagement or branching out when Iyanya clearly stated his intention to launch a new record label. Ubi lately have become more of a husband than a manager to signed acts under his co-founded label where he handed over bookings of each Triple MG to Paul O’s Upfront and Personal.

Ubi is by far and large a hardworking young man but apparently he places more value on his family than label which if you ask me in my own opinion is the wisest thing to do inasmuch there is any halt to the running of the label.

Since the announcement by Iyanya and the counter announcement by Ubi, I have been trying to figure out what each of them actually meant with Iyanya saying he is launching a new label and Ubi saying Iyanya is still part of Triple MG so also his new label – a Chocolate City and Iceprince case comes to mind although they are not quite similar.

For Iyanya; no doubt he is a talented artiste but how experienced is he in handling management issues as related to music business. If truly there are issues with Ubi, why not engage the services of an external experienced management agency just the way he contracted out his bookings?

For Ubi; I think it is high time he learns to call a spade a spade. The industry is well informed to want to spell out what is clearly written on the wall wrongly.

With Iyanya launching a new record label, my guess is as good as yours as he tends to focus more on his new found baby which might then signal the end of Triple MG.

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