Cristiano Ronaldo burst into tears as he was issued a red card during a champion league clash with Valencia.

According to Jim Gordan; cards was first introduced in 1970 World Cup, there were no red cards issued at this tournament. The card system was then introduced throughout Europe and made it way to the English game in 1976.

The use of red and yellow cards was stopped by English FA in 1981 as it was noticed that it’s part of problem with crowd violence. Dave Wagstaffe (Blackburn player) was the first player to be sent off by red card in Oct. 2nd 1976 in a game against Leyton Orient.

At first, red and yellow cards introduction was a signal of caution for players, as time went by, it become imperative for both local and international tournaments.

Today, the complexity in red card issued by referees has become an avenue of black market, corruption, anger, ill feeling, criticism, bias and any bad accompanies you can think of.

Since the introduction of both red and yellow cards in leagues, tournaments and other sport activities, many errors in issuing a player card on the pitch cannot be underestimated.

Wrong cards issued analysis pointed the worst red card decision ever: Wes Brown, former Manchester united and Sunderland player was shown a harsh red card against Stoke City. Aleksandra Cauna of CSKA Moscow was sent off during a clash with Anzhi Makhachkala. Robin Van Persie (Arsenal vs Barcelona), one of the most controversial red cards given in recent memory during a champion league game. David Healy (Wales vs Northern Ireland). Ashley Vickers ( Dorchester Town vs Havant and Waterlooville), just to mention few.

Cristiano Ronaldo sent off on the pitch wasn’t the first worst red card ever but part of football corruption which might lead to future violent between various leagues, tournament most especially World Cup. According to Cristiano Ronaldo “I am very upset and sad when I realized that the referee issued me a red card, he’s the supreme on the pitch but I know that given me a red card for such action wasn’t the best option”.

After the match ended, it was said the Federation International Football Association (FIFA) ruled out and suggested that though the red card wasn’t appropriate of proof enough but the deal has been done, thereby Cristiano Ronaldo instead of missing three consecutive matches he’s then amended to miss just one match.

Football fans especially Juventus fans were pleased with the final decision but agitating and lamenting that if such controversial issues perpetuate there is an assumption increase in football crisis or dispute and other sport activities.


This article was written by Adewumi Olabode; connect with him on IG here

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