The sun is shining over shapes of earth. Around every spheres are blooming flowers. Hence nature presents its gift, breathing new life into bits of patterns, churning souls of events into a heart begotten no more. And so it stands the fall of man reaching out from beyond in crying numbers of written past, is clamping with shreds to pieces, of bits offered to all in depth of earth. And so it is that the North and South, East and West, sing out en masse to the little black mamba. 

Thus we see a growing flag, grooming from distance the flesh of self. Feeding with veil, the flesh of Nations, buried together in dress of one, united to memories of lingering breath. 

But the flags are short in roots of cycles about the life span of seasons. And though the cycle is lit in ideas of colour and masks of minds, the hiding flashes of a looming trend is creeping to dots of the OLD TOWN ROAD, dressed in drapes Sherlocked to tunes of raving grips. 

Thus the contest changes, the narrative shifts off the conscious grip of a slipping minds. From twos of four, the slowing mind drink graciously to sleep. Talks of a sleeping man is no more even in the shining light of the soul burning brightly through eternity for ages to see, for ages to feel. The passing torch of conquest in whispers dwindles through dates of remembrance and dates of passing years. 

And hence we have the present, to live in full memories of greats. For the passage of time smiles not on us. Its wicked strokes bite like vultures the living memory of our being. But now we unite, from distant race, from distant paths. From the walks of life across sports and fashion, racing a flag to our faces. Pulling the light from the past to the future, in wake of a dream laying beyond our resolve but lively in the unity of our peace offering and the show of faith we pull. As we bow our heads with a white flag in hand, in honour of a fight in our wrestling bout, and pulling with all our might till our lights are out and laid to rest.

This article was written by Enosegbe Ezekiel; connect with him on Instagram via here  

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