The desire to be rich and famous lives in the hearts of youths. The glamour seen on media, the acceptance celebrities enjoy, the recognition of the mighty, is one wished for by many. We all want to live big with everything at our beck and call.

The quest for fame and wealth has sent many to the land of no return. This is quite understandable, but do you know? Punctured self esteem contributes more to buried destinies than the rush for money.

It is disheartening to read regularly, how vibrant youths succumb to suicide. This indicates how fast and deep depression renders a willing soul weak, seeing the dark world beyond as the best place to be.

Yet, more heart breaking to know that, we the youths, are our own enemies.

An important fact to note is, words are heard and digested differently, based on the state of heart, or should I say, based on the toughness of the skin.

Not everyone has the mind to bear criticism, comparison and/or rejection.

Still, all these and more comes from youths to youths. We are quick to point out the errors in the life of another. “Oh, she’s too fat” “why isn’t she married?” “He is way behind his mates”.

We refuse to mind what we say, and how we say them.

What about the heartless rejections we give out to people in need of our help? Ever wondered how it breaks them down and makes them feel worthless?

The unhealthy comparison kills the will power slowly till suicide becomes the best option.

Will it then be wrong to say, we have with our hands and words -all in the name of fun- sent many future leaders to the hereafter?

We have contributed to the rising suicide rate of agile youths just because we refuse to compliment and accept them the way they are.

Of course, it will be totally unfair to put the whole yoke on someone else, when an individual is meant to build his contentment empire and live as life present itself.

For the fact that, twenty four hours comprises light and darkness, then, we all can not experience the good sides of life simultaneously.

Self built strength goes a long way in shielding one against toxic words. It takes a lot of courage and determination to decide on suicide. Have you imagined how awesome it will be if that determination is geared towards getting better in life to the amazement of the critics?

This is what we as youths are meant to work on. The speed at which our generation is going, if we neglect the need to build our personal strength and wall against dream shattering words or actions, suicide will continue to present itself as the only option and escape route from realities.

But I tell you, suicide is never the freedom, it is the hidden doom you shouldn’t find.

This article was written by Olabiyi Teniola Joy; connect with her on Instagram via here  

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