No! Don’t tie that rope yet. Stop! Don’t take that poison already. Just a minute before you pull the trigger, you really want to commit suicide?

Suicide is known has one of the leading causes of youths’ deaths all over the world and usually the first out of what 70 percent of youths will likely consider while it will be the last resolution for others.

While 60 percent adults in our own world here do not see any reason good enough for a youth to commit suicide, a good number believe it must be spiritual. Before going further, how does experts broaden our minds on suicide?

According to Wikipedia, it is from the Latin word, suicidium, it is the act of taking one’s own life. Suicide could vary from attempted (suicide-plan that does not pull through) to assisted-suicide (when one individual help another to commit suicide), then we have euthanasia (when another takes a major role in another’s death). A more advanced and most brutal is extended or homicide-suicide or murder-suicide (this is when the individual takes the life of others together with his)

Having shed more light, what then are the major causes? Suicide in youths have been linked to various factors such as family, love, school, society, friends and the likes. In all these, we can also draw out betrayal, low self-esteem, depression, loneliness, maltreatment, bullying, intimidation etc. Really all these are damning but is it your right option?

You know, the one who said when there is life, there is hope did not lie, and somewhere deep down, we know that. It’s okay to feel pain, it’s okay to cry it out, it’s not bad to be down but, it’s not nice to wallow in that pain, it’s not right to let it overcome you, it’s not suitable to let it own you and let it allow you cause your own death. Sit and ask yourself, what do you stand to gain when you kill yourself? You want to be free from all life’s pain? Do you know where you are going after death? Why rush death when life is even so short and we’ll all die one day?

Think of all you can still achieve, how strong you would be if you decide to rise from all your pains, the smiles you’d put on several people’s faces and the shame you’d put on others. Seek help if you can’t handle things alone, you can confide in someone or use the internet, it’s quite resourceful, also try as much as possible not to be alone most times.

In truth with these few tips the greatest of all will still be the determination from your mind, you should know that pain is a part of life, fall 100 times and rise a thousand. In conclusion, I’d leave you with what Nikita Gill said; let it hurt, let it bleed, let it heal and let it go.



This article was written by Okorite Joy Harry; connect with her on IG here


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