Not only has the Covid-19 pandemic put most parts of the world on lockdown, it is also having its effect on the economy. The fashion industry is not exempted from the sectors affected; there is presently a halt to the way clothes are produced. 

Many brands – local and international, are cancelling production orders from manufacturing companies. With these measures, fashion and other non-essential living activities have taken a back seat.

However, there are still many people out there who are interested in revamping their style irrespective of the Pandemic. So, for fashionistas who still want to keep up with their fashion game and for others whose jobs have them on the move right now, here’s how to stay stylish during a pandemic:

Scarf and Handkerchiefs

Simply put, now is the time to invest in scarves and handkerchiefs. Handkerchiefs aren’t exactly a typical Nigerian’s favs, especially when it is a lot faster to just use a part of your outfit to do the deed or quickly wipe with an elbow. However, since coronavirus has made everyone conscious about touching their faces with their hands, that piece of cloth is now highly needed.

Looking for what to use to nip your hair to the back? Brush those coarse or silky strands to the back and place a scarf across your neck to keep it hidden from the wind. Scarfs are also good alternatives in case you are unable to wear long-sleeve clothing while out and about; just wrap yourself in one and never mind coming in contact with another person’s body fluid unknowingly, 


A wise one once said, ‘a black blazer is the quintessential wardrobe staple’. If you don’t believe anyone said that, just accept it as common knowledge. A black blazer is unarguably a must-have that can be used as frequent and varied as possible. 

With the inner shirt being changed, a black blazer could be used every day of the week without being obvious or out of place. Keep your blazer black, or if you already own different coloured blazers, that’s great. If not, bear in mind that now is not the time to invest in less versatile colors of clothing as well as for the sake of saving some money during this crucial time. 

Say Yes To Long-sleeved Turtle Neck Tops

Just like the blazer, the long-sleeved light turtleneck sweater is multipurpose and protective. It is suitable for (online) meetings without seeming weird. Because of its range, it is not costly and saves you a few bucks. In addition, if you happen not to be on lockdown and still going about your daily activity, this just fits perfectly as it will be an added protection for your skin.


Since health organizations have given a go-ahead on DIY facemasks, it has become a “safe trend”. News flash, facemasks are no longer boring!

As the weeks have gone on, people’s cloth masks have gotten steadily more aesthetic, a sign not only that creativity is now part of the stay-safe-equation.

While your outfits tell the story of you staying safe from home or as you go out and about, your mask is also a sign that you care about your health and the health of those around you.

This article was first published in Tush Magazine Issue 27. Get a free copy here

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