One single is not enough to form an informed opinion about any artiste, but there are a few talented artistes that have honed the ability to capture their musical essence within any song.

Mochi’s uncanny grasp of sound and self, ushers him comfortably in that class of music creators.

Mochi’s music journey started very early, with his first song recorded just before he became a teenager.

I recorded my first song when I was 12, met a rapper and producer online who inspired me and introduced me to the music scene (Tony Ross) and ever since then I’ve wanted to do this big time!” he explained.

Many hurdles later and having curated a more robust sound profile, the Afro fusion artiste is making strategic moves that will situate him among the ranks of the artistes to watch this year.

Christened Modungwo Chika Chukwubuike, the singer/songwriter curated the stage name ‘Mochi’ from a combination of Modungwo and Chika.

Inspired by artistes like Eminem, MI Abaga and the sounds of the king of Afrobeat, Fela Kuti, Mochi has surrounded himself with genius.

The global shutdown which grounded amongst other sectors the entertainment industry, has not in any way slowed down Mochi, if anything it has opened up another side of him.

The pandemic made me spend more time making music and discovering new sounds. There are so many things on my mind on a regular but the pandemic has taught me how to be patient and just take life step by step.” 

We have been conditioned to expect a hustle song to be fast-paced and upbeat, so Mochi’s new song ‘Kpa’ kind of takes us by surprise. Its subject matter is beehived around ‘money hustle’ but the rhythm is chilled and mellow, almost removing the urgency of the objective. Mochi explains the thinking behind the song.

“I think the song itself is self explanatory, from the title ‘Kpa’ which is a street slang for money, to the lyrics of the song. In this song I’m trying to get people to wake up and realize that money can help them achieve their goals, while also telling them from my own perspective the things that bother me when there is lack of ‘Kpa’. And without money people will always tell you to get out the way because Money make man compose,” he explains.

On his dream collaborations, the SquareHead entertainment artiste makes  an interesting list.

“I’d love to work with Drake when it comes to international collabo’s and locally Burna Boy and Davido.” 

Awards, though a vehicle for anchoring the dual nature of recognition and reward; Mochi insists that it should not in any way define an artiste, because worth should first be Intrinsic.

I’m not doing my music for the accolades, awards or fame. I think if you know your worth it will reflect in the music and automatically the organizers of these award shows would be interested in that. So I can’t really be bothered about award shows but still there’s a lot that needs to be done in that sector of the entertainment world in Nigeria, if you ask me.”

Mochi, when asked to describe his genre and style, puts it this way, “I don’t even know what to call it yet, I mean my Style, but afrobeats has inpired my sound a lot”. 

In the next few days, the video of his newly released single ‘Kpa’ will be unveiled and afterwards, “I’m dropping my EP, hopefully the world will listen to my melodies.”

This article was written by Henri ‘Yireconnect on Instagram with him here

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