Tell Me You Love Me

Have you ever wondered,

What would happen if you left this world right now, right here?

Yes the world would definitely go on,

But what of those you love,

I mean,

Those who love you,

Their worlds would stop in its track,

Some may never get over it,

You see,

We go about our daily businesses,

So career driven,

That we forget the people in our lives that matter,

We forget those who love us so deeply,

We forget those that surround us,

We start to envision this point at the peak of our career,

And all of a sudden,

Family and friends become something that can be wished away,

When was the last time you told your family how much you loved them?

They have stood by you through thick and thin,

And now suddenly,

You are climbing up,

And leaving them below,

When was the last time you said a kind word to a stranger,

Or showed love to your neighbor,

It could mean a whole lot to them,

People have enough problems on their hands,

They don’t need you compounding their problems by being rude,

When was the last time,

you called that friend whom you have not seen in ages,

Oh, I already hear you giving the excuses,

You’ll say,

They don’t check up,

so why bother,

We forget that,

Life is about building and sustaining relationships,

No promotion or job title is more important than our relationships,

Because happiness,

Is like a kiss

It is only enjoyed when it is shared,

When you eventually reach the top,

Who would be there to celebrate with you,

Those you’ve ignored?

Those you thought that didn’t quite measure up?

Or total strangers?

People who may or may not have your best interests at heart?

So you are married,

But your business meetings are your first love?

They have taken the place of that one person you so claimed to love,

What happened to your marriage vows?

And what of your children?

You spend your whole time outside the home,

You forget that it takes two to raise a child,

What becomes of that child who craves your attention,

But doesn’t get it,

We forget that our children need to be assured constantly,

Of our love for them,

We forget that it is not just about the good schools, or good life,

It is about YOU,

Atimes, I think we would have been better off without money,

Because many of us have become slaves to it,

Because many of us have abandoned our families,

Many of us have forgotten our friends,

Many of us have forgotten how to be nice,

And our niceness is only a reflection of our selfishness,

Surfacing only, when we are in need,

All because of this mad hustle,

While trying to make a living,

We have forgotten how to live,

We have forgotten how to love,

We have forgotten who we are.

It is time however,

That we retrace our steps,

Because no matter how high up the ladder you seem,

There is always someone who is ahead,

One way or the other,

No matter how much you earn monthly,

It is still the amount someone pays as tithe,

So why would pride be second nature to you?

Why would love not flow freely from you?

Show love to someone today,

Be nice,

Show someone how much you love them.


Drafted by Blessing Iyamadiken

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