So they tell you; use a condom,

But they don’t tell you not just with someone random.

You see even with a partner you trust,

You stand a chance of being at risk,

Not just because STIs but also because “baby cries”


Male or female,

You sure do not want to go through an unplanned journey of 9 months,

And trust me, it is not just about the taunts,

It is about dreams which would have been otherwise fulfilled,

Now left to the side because baby mama or papa


They tell you to have safe sex,

But how many of you know that sex shouldn’t just be with anybody

Because, even condoms can’t protect you from being impregnated,

With the bastards called memories,


Sensitization, protection,

Just so we don’t get carried away in the frenzy of the moment,

Hence the diction,

Still, we do not fully realize the gravity of the situation,

And so we take it with levity.


You have to realize,

That there are many things you stand to jeopardize,

When into the wind is where you have thrown caution,

Because a couple of minutes of unrestrained passion,

Can get you burned to a third degree,


In one moment,

Your life can turn out for better or for worse,

I’m talking about sex,

And I’m talking to you

Whose ex are as much as the grains of rice that fill a palm,


You see,

It doesn’t take so much effort for STIs to be spread,

Really, it doesn’t,

Ask citizens of countries where one in 3 people have HIV,

Because, diseases sure don’t give out notifications or IVs


Live a promiscuous life,

Have multiple sex partners,

Do not use protection,

And you are sure that one of these days,

These diseases would come knocking


And it may be as scary as HIV, Or

As undetectable as HPV,

Which brings me to,

How often do you get yourself tested?

Against these diseases that can get one infected,


Sex is beautiful,

Sex is fun,

Sex is better felt than described,

But of what use would it be,

If after enjoying the beauty of it,


You have to go through agony,

Whether diseases or pregnancy,

Take a stand today,

So tomorrow,

You don’t have to go through pain,

Have safe sex, use a condom.


Drafted by Blessing Iyamadiken; Watch visual version on Youtube via: Have Safe Sex, Use A Condom

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