Could it be in the talk?

A mesmerizing appeal that leads to a craving

A hypnotizing effect leading to a philosophizing

Of the special way her special lips

Specially dances around her face


Especially when she says your name

With those calm and soothing harmonies

Struck by the most melodious symphonies

Of concordant sounds

That makes you weak to your knees


Or could it be in the walk?

The best set of synchronization ever seen

A configuration of grace and charm

Seasoned with poise and charisma

Damn! She’s gone give you a heart attack


Or maybe it’s just the beauty.

One so impressing that you feel you have a duty

It is pressing

You feel you have a higher calling

Buzz! Buzz!


That’s Cupid calling

The Angels have made you a custodian

Of one of their own, to love and to own,

To protect her, care for her, be there for her

And oh how you want to spoil her!


To protect her, you’ll be Mike Tyson

To cover her, you’ll be an icing

To eternally stay with her, you’ll be a lice

in her hair till you two are inextricably tied

A five and six, no dicing


Meet Alisha.

The 9th teen of the Benjamin’s

had just turned 19

Meet James, 21

That guy that can’t be found dating one


So, could it be in his flow?

A torrent of grandiloquent speech

With a sapid, rapid, fluently flowing

Pace and parlance

With a list of rules, a series of don’ts and do’s


And an ooze of lines and pick up lines

Like ‘Did the sun just shine or did you just smile at me?’

‘You’re so hot you’re the real reason for global warming’

‘Damn Sugar, settle down, I’m diabetic’

And ‘You’re so beautiful; I forgot my pick up line!’


Or could it be in the looks?

That golden brown eyes

That black hair

He’s so edible you wish he was MI

He’s so incredible but taller than MI


Could it be in the cheese?

That attention commanding,

Affection surrounding force

You could call it a catalyst

Because it speeds up the rate of physical reaction


But how about I control you?

Take you back to the past

From where it all began.

So now you see her

And she sees you


Before you decide

Take a torch to examine and determine

If her beauty is just a compliment to her beautiful soul

If the money is a plus

Or if it’s all they’ve got.


It’s a two-sided story

One of patience,

Of understanding

And the other

Of knowing when to let go


Of patience, of understanding,

Love the thorns with the roses.

If she didn’t have the patience

To stay with that beast

She wouldn’t have had her prince


Of knowing when to let go,

Guys, you can’t be her prince

If your kiss doesn’t wake her up

Ladies, don’t be a false Cinderella

If your leg doesn’t fit the shoe


Written by Aneta Chinsell – an OAP and Spoken Word Artist.

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