Spinlet is here to create a level playing ground for both emerging artistes and A-List artistes where we can conveniently distribute and market their songs in over 122 countries across the world and also monetize it for them” – quoted by Mark Redguard, Chief Marketing Officer, SPINLET LIMITED


Spinlet is a digital entertainment company created in Finland in year 2006, it was later acquired by VEROD CAPITAL whom the CEO, [ERIC IDIAHI] saw the vision of Spinlet which is a company focused on meeting the needs of music lovers allowing them buy, stream, share and manage their favourite playlist using their smartphones devices.

In 2011, it moved if headquarters to San Francisco where other globally renowned technology companies are based in other for it to also be viewed as a global company and be able to dutifully carry out its function of distributing songs effectively. Still in 2011, Spinlet also opened a marketing and distribution office in Lagos, Nigeria which has a large music fan base and can also connect with other African countries thus becoming the pioneer of music distribution in Africa.




Coming into a market where by the broadband is relatively slow and cost of data is on the high side, that poses a serious challenge to Spinlet. But despite this setback, Spinlet hasn’t relented and to alleviate the cost, they are partnering with mobile networks to reduce the data cost, of such partnership is the Etisalat- Spinlet partnership which allows Etisalat users to get a certain percentage off their charge when they are subscribing to use the Spinlet App.

Spinlet has also partnered with some mobile phone manufacturer such as Samsung and Tecno to allow the Spinlet App to be pre-installed, all these in a view to distribute and market local music content.

When it came into Nigeria in 2011, starting operations they discovered a whole lot of artistes and label houses were skeptical about sole distribution and monetizing their materials. One of the many ways to get through them was by partnering with Industry Nite which saw all artistes that performed on the Industry Nite platform signed on for the Spinlet services. Also Spinlet partnered with ”FELABERATION 2011” and for every artistes that performed all through the 67 days of the event, all were signed on as well.


One major challenge that has threaten Spinlet when they came into Nigeria, was the acceptability amongst but they have conveniently conquer that owing to the fact that Nigeria has a population of over 160million people out of which 100million are mobile phone users and 25% of this users are using a smartphone device.

Another challenge is the issue of slow connectivity which Spinlet quite understand that Nigeria is a growing market in digital technology and requires all the patience it needs. Just as gold is not found on the surface. Spinlet is more of the Africa heritage values which most Africa artistes’ fuses in their songs making it marketable enough for not just Nigeria but globally for music lovers.



Currently Spinlet has over 850,000 subscribers and it still wanting more as their target is a 50million benchmark user come 2016. With a good customer service team headed by Jesse Oguntimehin, they have been able to conveniently interact with their subscribers who spans across 122 countries.

On how they gathered such a large subscriber base within three years of operation, Mark Redguard pointed out they have carried out  a lot of awareness campaigns ranging from Radio [Where they do the Spinlet Digital Show] to creating timeless good musical materials just like the  case of “Baby Mi Da” by Dr. Olaiya and 2Face. Mark also specifically stated that traffic generation works more effectively when both parties involved do a bit more of awareness on their different platforms directing their fans to get their materials from Spinlet, in his words “It’s not just agreeing to sign up Spinlet and releasing materials via the Spinlet platform, it works more if after releasing a song, you go up on Radio, TV or other social networks to inform fans that the song is exclusive to v, with that it becomes much more accepted and further helps Spinlet to  carry on their operation changing the mentality of subscribers to getting music for free”


Growing exponentially within three  years of operation, Take it or Leave it!, Spinlet has become the sole pioneer when it comes to digital music distribution and marketing in Africa. Being able to connect with over 850,000 subscribers and giving them a platform to share, play and listen to music across over 122 countries is an advantage they are apparently backing on as no other platforms has been able to do so.

With a presence of Gabon, South Africa, Kenya and some other African countries, Spinlet has virtually penetrated a three-quarter  of African music lovers.


One important aspect of the Spinlet services is the ability to create a monetizing platform for signed up artistes. Just like Mark says “It’s not just putting the song on Spinlet, its about utilizing the entire available services on its platform and one important feature is the ability to create a revenue for all Spinlet signed on artistes”. He further says ”We do understand that a whole lot of resources are been invested into a song before its eventually released and majorly the only source of returns for an artiste is through endorsements and shows; creating another source of revenue generation for the  artiste by releasing  their materials is a plus to them.”

Spinlet also has a sharing formula which allows 60% of every revenue goes to the artiste. Means by which this revenue is being generated includes streaming, download, purchase and advertising. To curb irregularities and for easy transparency, payout is done quarterly and there is a history on Metadata which is essential for understanding information collected. The Metadata technology also gives the artistes information on where his/her traffic purchase is from.

On a final appeal, Mark Redguard, CMO urges all emerging artistes and A-List artistes to embrace the future of digital music in Africa. Spinlet…move with it!!!

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