If what we want in life is the freedom to do all that please our heart at any age and not an eligibility status tying us down till we clock age 18. I have questioned my humble self several times concerning why the world at large keeps on restraining us from doing some activities till we turn the age of 18 and I still couldn’t find a genuine answer to that.

When we were young, we were warned to desist from some adult content movies if we are not yet 18 and today am more than eighteen and I still don’t see a reason why they stopped us from exercising our youthful right before that legal age.

Many guys had started drinking before age 18 and many pretty girls had lost their virginity one way or the other before their 18th birthday and here we are still deceiving our parents that we will be the perfect kid till 18. Many young people have inbuilt talents in them waiting to explore the world but the world has restrained them and they don’t have a choice but to wait till they are 18 .

It’s no longer news that eligibility to do whatever we want at any particular time doesn’t make us an opportunist but a conqueror and that is why I am calling out to the youth of our generation to wake up and make something good happen before the age 18. Many great men of the world today started making a difference in their prime and today we all look up to them believing one day we will rise to fame.

In Nigeria where they tell us we can’t vote, marry and even drive a car before age 18 is still the same country where we see many politicians buying luxurious cars for their teenage daughters only to mark her sweet sixteen birthday. What I can do before age 18 is still the same thing I will do at that age. So, stop aspiring that you will start having or engaging yourself in a serious relationship with the opposite sex when you can even tolerate your nagging sister and stubborn brother at an age far younger than 18.

It’s true that when we clock 18 our body and mind would have been so developed that we can be able to handle any real life situation that comes our way but what will you say of a young guy who even at age twenty one can’t even handle his father’s wealth or a young lady of twenty four who couldn’t cope with emotional breaks up. It’s not about the age but your personal build up and motivation.


This article was written by Ademiju Solomon.

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