Event host and hype man extraordinaire! In this line of business, SPANKY is likely to be the most energetic individual you will ever come across. With a bubbling personality and zeal to make every event he hosts one to remember, people who have seen him do his thing can testify he is a natural at what he does. From being easily accessible and receptive to an interview, he sat with Tush Magazine at The Lekki Coliseum Center, where he bared it all about himself and his hosting journey so far.

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Please can you give an insight to your personal background and background in event hosting?

Spanky: My name is Patrick Osewingie Osagie, I’m from Benin in Edo state born in Lagos. I shuttled between Lagos and Benin for my education and I’m a graduate of Mass Communication from Benson Idahosa University. The business of hosting for me started from being a sociable person. I started by hosting parties back in high school and with time I graduated to serious club business. I watched a lot of international hype men and went out more in a bid to better myself. As at the time I was in the university, the club scenery had just began to change but there was no hype man so I did PR for all the clubs and became the very first hype man there. In Lagos I did PR for Sweet 16 bar at Elegushi when it started, Illumina lounge and a couple of other places. There’s this guy called Gatuso who owns a bar at Oniru called G12. He was the one that gave me my first real shot at holding a mic and hyping up the crowd.

How did you come about your stage name, Spanky?

SpankyI used to call myself P-rock, Bova etc but it wasn’t sticking. I was working with a group of guys in Ibadan, they’re called In-Excess and I was to host and hype an event for them and in the course of trying to put my name on the flyer, Spanky literally came off the top of my head. It is born out of spanking as in spanking new, and something fresh so that’s it.

How did you land your deal with Industry Nite?

SpankyAfter I switched from hyping to hosting events, I moved to South Africa for 18 months. In that period I took a 2 month course in Music Business Management in SAE Institute. On coming back, Matthew Ohio gave me the exclusive hosting deal for Industry Nite in September 2015 and from then till now I’ve hosted every edition of Industry Nite both within and outside Lagos.

Seeing as you always exude a lot of energy, where does it come from and do you have any routines before going on stage?

SpankyI’m always on a natural high so the energy just comes. This is something I have always wanted to do and from doing it overtime I have learned to perfect my craft. God and watching my mentors help but the music is key; I like music so much and it sets it all off. I do a lot of research and I learn from all the event hosting performances I watch.

Did you envisage event hosting is what you’ll be doing at this time?

SpankyIt just happened. It could have been music, writing lyrics but this just happened. Right from high school I’ve been able to address the crowd and I’m not scared to say anything.

Where was your first gig and how was it?

Spanky: I can’t remember it right now but being human, I get nervous sometimes. But walking up the stage, it goes away.

Has anyone ever made any rude or offensive remark at you while you hosted?

Spanky: Yeah, people make remarks. There was one time I didn’t come with my mojo and I guess the crowd sensed it so the response I got from them suggested I was not being felt. But a pep talk from my boss got me back on track and I went up and brought my A-game as usual.

What will you say makes you unique from every other hype man or host?

Spanky: I believe it’s me just being me; my persona, how I come through. Once I look good, I feel good and my presentation informs my performance.

Are you exclusive to Industry Nite?

SpankyI host other shows but nothing can take me away from Industry Nite. I have to be there on Wednesday night and if Industry Nite is going outside Lagos or Nigeria, I have to be there with them.

So what other shows do you host; where else can I catch Spanky besides Industry Nite?

SpankyThere’s an online radio show coming soon, it’s called iGroove radio. I’m going to be doing my show there very soon, we’re building up content. Hip-hop music is part of me so on it we’ll be dishing out info about hip-hop music and other related subjects.

So it’s safe to call that your next big thing?

SpankyYeah but I also have personal businesses. I’m a business man; I’ve got my own entertainment company, it’s called iBango Entertainment. I do PR for artists, clubs and I consult too. There are other projects coming out soon which I’m sure people will be shocked I’m a part of, I’ve got a music app I’ve just invested in and that’s going to be big too.

Have you had any regrets towing this line of business?

Spanky: No regrets. I just hope I can get paid bigger bucks, I hope that the brands that source for people like me to host their events recognize the talent and pay better.

What’s the most ridiculous deal you’ve ever been posed with?

SpankyA couple but I won’t mention brand names. But I’ve had this ridiculous experience where a company put my name on the flyer for an event I was legit to host in Abuja but they canceled because I had just hosted for a rival brand or so. I mean, I had no signed exclusive contract to either of the companies so it was just funny. So that’s Naija but God pass them.

What’s your objective for every show you host?

SpankyI want people to remember me for my energy, my talent in my field. I don’t want to be looked down on, you don’t know what I do asides that so please support the talent, what I’ve got to offer.

Lastly for the benefit of those who do not know the job of a hype man, can you shed little light on what it is?

SpankyA hype man is someone that rocks the crowd either in the club or at a gig. When the music is playing, ginger the crowd, make noise; shout out to people, the ladies, fellas, rich guys etc. A hype man also backs up artists on stage.


This Interview was first published in Tush Magazine Issue 13

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  • Hypeman Rozee says:

    Spanky is a hype wiz with real zeal and zest for event hosting. I learn alot from him as a mentor and hope to work with him again.

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