This source has to be frozen

‘Cos the water just stopped flowing.

Is this what you call a block?

I need to find a way to melt it


I checked and double checked…

But the bucket’s still empty

I took it up and shook it, examined it

Like a doctor would examine me


I ran the whole of my five all over it

Looking for a hole to chide

That one little hole that flawed my plan

Seeking to drink my flood of ideas


It is armed with the weapon of a crack

But it has no idea.

I am armed with a defence and an accusation.

I make more moves.


I stare at the life now made lifeless

The brown turned white;

My canvass,

This piece called Paper


I stare into its eyes,

Actually, into its lines.

But where it has non, I simply look.

I look at what should be my quill if I had been early.


I poke its teeth into my canvass as if to ask

” Where is thy companion ‘the words’?”

“Your marriage to the quill is endorsed

So tell me where he be!”


“Your blank innocence doesn’t deceive me”

I am the writer, the priest,

I bless this union

So I know of your unending love.


Your unending love

That flows to the end of (p)ages.

Till a point-made do you part.

So spill, if you will, the direction of the quill.


I indeed am willing. Yes I am.

You needn’t ask because you were made for it.

And I’m willing

To match make you both


Into into the ‘Full Stop’ of the century.

That final full stop that teaches

and impresses readers of your story

I admit ; few in the past did break your heart.


But not this time.

The block has been melted

The water’s flowing.

There is no crack at all


I have enough for you.

Enough pages to contain it.

Enough ink to sustain it.

So spill, if you will, the direction of the quill.


Indeed I know.

That when you do spill,

What takes eons, would only be seconds

You’ll surpass my page and word counts


Your wedding will be big and fat

You’ll turn everything into an art

I  might become Archimedes in an instant!

But I should be on a top and pants.


Written by Aneta Chinsell – an OAP and Spoken Word Artist.




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